Dog day afternoon


Every Wednesday I work from home. My girl, Molly, stays in bed with me until it’s time to get up. At times, she’ll get up with Dan and come back to bed, but usually she stays with me until I get up. She’ll either sleep on the bed or sleep by my feet in the office.

Here is Molly this morning. What a life! I love her head on the pillow and the one behind her back.

We actually had to buy a King size bed because of Molly. We had a double and the 3 of us just couldn’t make it work. Look at Molly in the King size bed. Do you think it helped us much? She usually sleeps between us like in the middle picture. Dan and I are on either side of her squeezed in. Real romantic, huh?


She also has this weird habit of ripping back all the bedding and sleeping on just the sheet. The first time she did this Dan asked me if I pulled down all the covers. I told him I thought he had! Since it wasn’t either one of us we quickly figured out it must have been Molly.  Dan noticed that she only does this at night. During the day she sleeps on all the covers.  Weird, huh? See the picture below of a once perfectly made bed that Molls pulled down. Goof ball, huh?


Maybe you wonder why I even bring her up on this Blog, but she is an important part of my health. Ever since we got Molly Dan and I both agree our lives have improved. She makes us laugh and smile and we have made friends through her. When I am home working I take a break every hour and go in and see her. I give her a big hug and kiss and tell her what a good girl she is. She rolls over so I can rub her belly and she sighs.  Molly just makes me happier and that is good for my over all health.

Read article on how pets improve your health HERE


At lunchtime Molly and I go and get something for lunch and we share it.  Today was a salad with chicken salad on top. Sometimes I get her a plain McDonald’s hamburger but today I gave her half of the chicken salad because they give you so much.

I don’t get any dressing from the pizza place I get the salad from because I use Maple Grove Farms of Vermont  Sugar free Balsamic Vinegar dressing.

Here is the nutritional value of the dressing.


I really like the taste and don’t feel guilty eating it. I noticed recently that some salad dressing have high fructose corn syrup so now I try and use my own because you just don’t know what is in it. Usually, I buy the fat free balsamic vinegar because I don’t really like using sugar substitutes often. In both dressing the sugar is last on the ingredient list which means there is little sugar in it so either way I feel good about using both kinds.


Tonight we walked in the dog park. It was a hot one but we did the whole 2.5 miles.  Nancy kept up a good pace and I was trying to keep up with her so I wound up working up a good sweat tonight.  No bugs either!

Question of the day: What funny thing does your pet do?

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2 Responses to Dog day afternoon

  1. Kent says:

    I was wondering do you also server her breakfast in bed.. lol.. lol.. JK….!!!

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