What the $#@$%$

Happy Thursday!



 I have a dear friend at work that I really love but every time he comes to my desk he drops a ton of “F-bombs” and loudly. They are sprinkled into the conversation like adjectives and I truly don’t think he knows he is saying them, but I cringe every time he does. I sit in kind of a quiet area and most people deal with clients. I don’t think people on the phone can hear him, but I am waiting for someone to say something to me. I have told him he need to try and keep it in check and he did while he was aware of it, but then I think he forgot again and here comes the “F-bomb” again! I found this amusing article about 9 things you didn’t know about swear words.  http://newsfeed.time.com/2013/04/10/nine-things-you-probably-didnt-know-about-swear-words/





 Tonight I went to the V-barre class at Studio Q with Julie Quirk. I have blogged about this class before and the more I go the more I like it. I was sweating like crazy just minutes into the class. I can feel I worked my muscles tonight. My arms feel like spaghetti!  I need more of these classes in my week. She also has a kettle bell class that I am dying to try. I will soon and let you know how it is. She is actually so popular she is moving to another studio so she can have more space. Go Julie! Check out her schedule and new location here. http://www.studioq.org/default.html



 I have been eating a lot of eggs lately. I really love eggs as you can do so many different things with them. This week I boiled up a bunch and made hard boiled eggs. I squished them and brought some into work and zapped them in the microwave. They were really good. As I was squishing them up guess who wanted to know what I was doing? You got it, Molly. I gave her some eggs too (she loves them) and she went to kiss Dan and she had stinky egg breath. Sorry Dan!

 Here are some yummy looking egg recipes http://www.realsimple.com/food-recipes/recipe-collections-favorites/popular-ingredients/egg-recipes-brunch-00000000016809/page3.html

 I am still on my nuts kick too. I have been eating cinnamon covered almonds which are delicious. I eat them with fruit because I am not supposed to eat fruit with out protein and the cinnamon goes great with the fruit. I have also been eating a lot of pistachios and the chocolate covered almonds at night after dinner. It dawned on me last night that chocolate has caffeine. Maybe I shouldn’t be eating them before bed?


 I am still eating low carbs and no alcohol unless it is a social occasion.

 Sleep aid

 Speaking of sleep I have been taking a Cortisol manger pill and 3 melatonin about an hour and a half before bed. I also did knock off the caffeine and it seems to be helping! Yay!

  Question of the day: Do you know anyone who swears a lot?


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4 Responses to What the $#@$%$

  1. I love Julie Quirk !! She used to teach a pilates class at Global before she opened her new place. She is a great instructor and we had so much fun in her classes and I was always challenged ! Im going to make it a point to get to one of her classes in the next month !!

    • karenmregan says:

      Julie is awesome. The Vbarre cass is so good. I may try a free kettlebell class Monday night. I have always wanted to take one and she is one of the few in the area that offers them.    

  2. Oh and about the melatonin I give my son who is 12 a melatonin everynight, he has a hard time settling down his doctor tells me to give him one about 45 minutes before bed because it can take that long to work.

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