Kettle Bells kicked my butt



Kettle bell’s kicked my butt tonight. I have been trying to mix up my workouts and do different types and I have always wanted to try Kettle bells but not many people around me offer it.

Julie Q does, though at Studio Q, in Fitchburg.  So, I split out of work a little early and went to a demo Kettle bell class. I wasn’t sure what to expect because I have never done them. Julie told me to try a 10 pound weight which I thought would be too much for my weakling arms, but it actually was perfect.

We started out stretching with bands on the bar (I was tired before we even started with the Kettle bells) and them we moved into the weights.

OMG, I did not know what kind of workout I was going to get! Julie showed us several different moves and we had to do the rounds 5, 10, 15 and 20 times and then go back down to 15, 10 and 5. Wow!  I was sweating like crazy and I was out of breath like I was doing a cardio exercise. These were very simple but challenging moves. Nothing hard, but man did it work you out. I sweated more in this class than some aerobic classes I take.

I also want to point out that I suck at working out. I do, I know I do. It’s ok, don’t feel badly for me. It does not come naturally to me. Half the time I am doing it the wrong way or my form is off. Julie came over to me a few times because I totally had it wrong. I am just your average girl working out. I am not great at it, but I go and I do my best. You can too. If you feel intimated about trying a new class, think of me, and just try one.

The Kettle bells were definitely a good workout and one that my body needs more of. I think I am going to try and fit this into my Wednesday nights if I can.

Check out Julie’s schedule at

You will love her classes!


 For lunch today I brought that chicken, mushrooms and sun dried tomatoes dish that I blogged about yesterday. I have to say it was really good. I had also roasted some veggies in the oven and covered them with maple syrup and honey mustard. I had those along with the chicken and it was a good, filling lunch.


My friend, Pam, asked me to come watch a movie with her this weekend. She has been dying for me to see Under the Tuscan Sun so I went up Saturday night and had girl’s night. Sort of, her husband, John’s plans fell through so it was girls and John! Anyway, the movie was really cute. I loved Diane Lane’s character and the scenery was beautiful. I liked, too, that her life wasn’t perfect at the end. She got what she wanted, but in a different way than she had thought. I had told Dan a few weeks ago that I wanted to see a girly movie with pretty scenery and this was exactly it. It was the perfect choice. If you are looking for a good girl friend movie and you haven’t seen it, I recommend it.


Funny, Pam told me I remind her of Diane Lane. I asked her if that meant looks or behavior and she said both. I’ll take it.

Anyone else see a resemblance?

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One Response to Kettle Bells kicked my butt

  1. Pam says:

    So glad you liked the movie! Girl’s night and John… funny!

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