Happy Tuesday!


 Between the Kettle bell class I took last night over at Studio Q and the great Spin class I had tonight with Lindsay, I have been getting a great workout this week. This is what I need more often. My body has gotten so used to the exercise I was doing week after week and year after year that they weren’t doing much for me anymore. I have literally taken the same class on the same day of the week for 5 years now! I knew you had to switch it up (they tell you that at the gym) so I finally have been incorporating other exercises in and challenging my muscles. Boy, do they feel it! But in a good way.

 Here is an article on how to change up your current routine.  http://www.sheknows.com/health-and-wellness/articles/846463/tips-for-changing-up-your-workout

 I know I need to build more strength so I need weight lifting. The Kettle bells were great for that. I also loved kick boxing and would like to find a place that offers it. Fast moving exercises are better for me because if I have to focus on moves it makes me less bored.

 Another thing I am doing is trying to improve my form in the gym. I have been watching Kent in Spin because he has good form and I have been trying to copy him. I have been putting on more resistance, getting lower on the bike and moving back and forth rather than up and down. I feel like I am getting more out of it and Kent even commented that my form was much improved. So, between picking up different classes and working smarter at the classes I am still taking, hopefully it will provide some results.


 This past weekend, I told you I saw my friend, Pam, and we watched a movie. We wanted to get a pizza to eat while we attached it but we are both trying to improve our eating. The pizza place near her offers Gluten free pizza crust so we ordered a pepper and onion gluten free pizza. It wasn’t bad! I have to say I think it was a frozen crust but I was ok with that. It was a little harder than regular crust and when you picked up the slice the pizza didn’t fall at all.  The crust was also a little thinner and crispier, but it didn’t taste weird at all. I thought it was good and not as filling as a regular pizza. I would order it again.

 Dan has been making hamburgers but I haven’t been eating the bun. I don’t love meat so sometimes no bun can be too “meaty” for me. Dan has been caramelizing sweet onions and adding a little Marsala sauce and it is delish on the burger! I have 2 % cheese that I put on and then the onion mix. It is so good and I don’t miss the bun at all. The flavor is delicious and I just cut it up and eat the burger and onions.


Question of the day: have you changed out your workout lately?


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  1. Kent H. says:

    You made the comment ‘My muscles feel it, but in a good way..!!’.. I remember my very first Power class right after I told Leah ‘I am wicked hurting right now..’ And she answered right back ‘Yeah but it is a good hurt..!!’… You are absolutely right it is good to change things up a bit and try new things, just don’t go off the deep end stop spinning..!!! Lol…

  2. Kent H. says:


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