Husband deleting/throwing out your stuff




Have you guys ever had a canker sore? I used to get them a lot when I was a kid and less so as an adult, but every now and then one sneaks up on me. I have one now.


I always get them in the same spot; on the back of my bottom lip. It gets sore and I play with it with my tongue irritating it all the more. I have heard that acidic foods can cause canker sores like oranges, strawberries, tomatoes.. all of which I have eaten this week! They usually last about 5-7 days and then just go away. I have to be careful brushing my teeth because that can irritate it too.

 They are not the same as cold sores, which I have never gotten.

 Here is an in depth article talking about canker sores (with great visuals!)



I tried the orange peel paste again for adult acne last night. It was hot and muggy in my house so it felt good to take the paste from the refrigerator and put it on my flushed face. I left it on for about 15 minutes and then rinsed with warm water. I have to say, my skin has really cleared up since the flare up. It cleared up quicker than it usually does and my skin feels nice. I have to say, I think that all natural acne fix was a help and I would try it again the next time I have an acne episode.



You guys know cooking isn’t my favorite past time. I do cook lunches but I like really easy recipes that don’t too much time. I have a feeling most of you don’t have a lot of time to cook either. I got this free e-book that I am sharing with you from Beyond Diet on 27 minute dinners. Now that is up my alley!



I found these pair of boots on Face Book the other night and I wasn’t sure if I should get them. I don’t need any more boots but I love that these are flat with a rubber heel and they are so cute and affordable. I had saved them to my favorites and when I went to order them today I couldn’t find it saved in my favorites! I know it was there because I saw it yesterday, today gone! I think Dan somehow deleted it. He has been home on vacation and has been on the laptop. I know he would say he didn’t but it was there one day and gone today. I didn’t do it, so who does that leave? I spent a few hours trying to remember where I had seen the boots; on Pinterest or Face Book. I finally narrowed it down to FB but I couldn’t find it anywhere. Then I got another post from Shoe Pies on FB about another pair of shoes, but I remembered that was the web-site name. Low and behold, I found the boots and ordered them.


What do you think?

 Question of the day: Does your husband ever delete or throw stuff out on you?

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2 Responses to Husband deleting/throwing out your stuff

  1. Check out my freezer meal party I invited you !! I think it’s going to be a wonderful way to have some nice meals ready to go for tohse busy nights

    • Kent says:

      My problem is the wife always moving my stuff around from one location to another then when i ask her where ‘so and so’ is she jerks me around for a frickin’ hour before she will look for it.. then she finds it in less than 60 seconds.. that is so annoying…!!!

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