Test Results – come see what mine are

In order to get a reduction on our health insurance employees are required to go for a biometric screening. This includes: BMI (Body Mass Index), cholesterol, blood pressure and blood glucose (diabetes).
I may not be happy with my weight but something is paying off because all of my numbers were great.
I’ll start with my cholesterol. The desired range is under 200 and I have always clocked in a little over; 212- 220. The doctors said my good levels were so good and that my bad levels were low so it wasn’t an issue being over 200. I really wanted to get that number under 200 and this year I came in at 184. Whoo Hoo!
My HDL (good levels) were 67. The desired number is anything over 60.
My TC/HDL Ratio (bad levels) were 2.7. The desired number is under 3.5
Blood pressure
I have always had good blood pressure. My Mom had high blood pressure but she smoked and drank and just didn’t take care of herself. It can be hereditary, but I exercise which helps blood pressure greatly. So, it wasn’t really a surprise to me that mine came back good this time too.
My BP was 118 over 78. Desired number is anything less than 120.
Blood Glucose
This measures the amount of sugar in your blood. It indicates if you are at a normal level, pre-diabetes or at a diabetes level.  This must be done as a fasting test so I couldn’t have coffee or my shake before the test. Luckily, I scheduled this for the first appointment of the day at 7:30 in the morning and showed up early!
My Glucose number was 79. Desired number for normal is between 70-99.
Even though I came in at normal I wasn’t that happy with this number. This measures your body composition based on your height and weight.
My height is 5’4″ and my weight is 145 making my BMI = 24.
Let me show you what Normal, Overweight and Obese numbers look like:
Normal            Overweight            Obese
18.5 – 24.9          25 – 29.9             >30 
So, if you notice I am right on the line of being normal and over weight. Now, those of you who know me might think “what?” This is what I have been trying to get across. Just because I or anyone appear that they are not over weight you have to be aware of your numbers. I knew my BMI was at 24 and I want to get that number down.   Not even for vanity reasons but for over all health. I am not comfortable hovering at this number and need to work on that.
The nurse spoke with me while waiting for the results. She asked me about my dieting and exercising habits. I told her I exercise almost every day but eating is a challenge for me. I told her my eating habits and she said the same thing as my nutritionist said: ” It sounds like you know what to do and you are doing great”. My problem is portion control. As I am writing this Blog I have an open can of already shelled pistachios next to me that I am eating without even thinking about. Having an open container and eating mindlessly from it is one of the number one rules not to do. Take some out, put the can away. I know that. She told me that nuts are a good fat and that may have helped get my cholesterol down. They do have a lot of fat and calories, though,so I HAVE to watch my portions. The other day I ate a bag of rice cakes that had 3 servings in the bag. Not good.
I was keeping a food journal on this Blog but now that I am writing about this I am realizing that didn’t cover portions. Sure, I could eat a shake but what if it was enough for 3 people? That defeats the purpose!
Here is an article that give you awesome visuals to portion sizes.
Are you good with your numbers? Do you know what they are/what they mean?
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3 Responses to Test Results – come see what mine are

  1. Hi ! I recently had the same testing done at my work too. My testing came out great as well except my cholesteral was 243 my HDL was 72 which is really good. The nurse did caution me on my 243 number !! I was surprised because I excerise and try my best to eat well but I have a family history of high cholesteral growing up I spent alot of time with my grandmother and she was always watching what she ate

  2. Her number never seemed to go down and eventually ended up on medication for it. So I think I might be doomed !!

  3. Kent H. says:

    Yeah Christy family history is a major factor in our health… My damn glucose count is over 110 last time I had it checked and I don’t have a family history of diabetes.. I do eat healthy except for my daily bran muffin that is not negotiable.. Lol..!!

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