Celebrity sighting at dinner!


 Happy Labor Day!

 I know you have all been waiting to see what celeb we saw at dinner last night. First things first, though.

 Dan and I used to get season’s play tickets to the Peterborough Players in Peterborough, NH. We have had these tickets for 12 years, but last year we didn’t make it much and this year we just decided not to get tickets. We really wanted to see one play this year before the summer season ended so we got tickets to yesterday’s performance. It was a good play, although long (almost 3 hours) and then we went out to dinner afterwards.


I have to add that we bought Molly dog food on the way and that cost us MORE than our meal out last night. Just saying…


 Anyway, we heard about his new restaurant called Bantam Grill in Peterborough and it got great reviews. Since I wasn’t able to get through before the play to make a reservation Dan dropped me at the door while he parked the car to see if we even could get in. The hostess said there was one more stand up table in the bar area if we wanted that one. As she was walking me to the table I noticed the couple in front of us. I was facing them and I did a double take when I noticed who was sitting there.


 Gordon Clapp.


You know, from NYPD Blue. Greg Medavoy? Anyone???

 Anyway, I was curious to see if Dan was going to notice him when he came in. Dan loved NYPD Blue and loved Gordon’s character.  As Dan was approaching the table he looked at Gordon and nodded to him. He and his companion were only there for about 10 minutes as they were just finishing up and left shortly after we sat down.

 I told Dan to grab his glass and we could sell it on E-bay! Nah… Anyway, they drove off in a very tasteful Volvo SUV and not one person said anything to him. He performed at the Players a few years ago and I know he is originally from North Conway, Nh so maybe he has a place in Peterborough? The Monadnock area is gorgeous and I can see why people live there. So many quaint Inns, beautiful farms and very typical New England. I would prefer to live in that area but it’s just too far from work and friends.

 The dinner was delicious. Dan had an appetizer of flounder with a cabbage slaw and pistachios and I had the corn chowder. Both were really good and they gave you a good portion. I ordered scallops for dinner with polenta and Dan had salmon with cucumbers and onions. My dish was great, the only comment I had were the scallops were a little sandy and needed to be cleaned a little more. The polenta was delicious, but very filling. It had tomatoes, bacon and onion on top.

 Dan’s salmon was excellent he said, but needed a sauce. He said the fish was delicious and perfectly cooked but the dish needed something to tie it all together.

 So, we had a good and exciting meal. I didn’t steal Gordon Clapps’ glass but you KNOW if it was Adam Lambert’s glass I totally would have and slept with it every night!


Have a happy and safe Labor Day, everyone!


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One Response to Celebrity sighting at dinner!

  1. Kent H. says:

    Hmm Greg Medavoy, don’t know him, but I never watched NYPD Blue.. If you had seen Mariska Hargitay from Law and Order SVU I would have been disappointed if you didn’t snag her glass for me..!!! Lol…..

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