Can men and women just be friends?

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FYI – Before I forget, I have a really fun, but really busy weekend ahead. I won’t be able to blog tomorrow night as I will be home late, but hopefully I will have an interesting and fun story to tell. I am going to see a psychic with a friend from work and we hope we’ll get a reading! It’s a gallery style so we may or may not, but it should be fun
Saturday should also be a fun day.  I am going to the Hillsboro County fair with good friends. The weather is supposed to be beautiful and it should be a fun with all the animals, rides and food.
You may not hear from me until Sunday but look for that Blog because I should have a lot to say! 
Can men and women be friends? I heard this question recently and  thought it was interesting one. My male friends in college used to say no to this question. They believed that someone wanted more than the other always, usually the man. There was a whole movie made about this topic. Who can forget “When Harry met Sally?” I am going to totally confess something right now.
I have never seen that movie.
I know, crazy, huh? I have seen all the scenes everyone talks about the most, but I have not seen it in its entirety. Maybe that’s the next movie Pam and I ( and John too!) will watch for a girl’s night.
Anyway, do I believe that men and woman can just be friends? I think so. I am sitting here thinking of the men I know and nope, friends it will always be. Do I think they want more? No… I guess I can’t be entirely sure because who’s going to admit that to a married woman. Do I believe that no man and woman on this earth is just friends  without one wanting more? no….
My college men friends used to say men were like buzzards. They would keep circling over until the time was right ( girl was vulnerable) and then swoop in for the kill.
I read an article by a woman who states ( and I believe) that women find their attraction to men through intimacy. So, if a girl has a male friend who is there to cheer her up, support her or be her BFF she will eventually find this attractive. I can totally see this. Someone that you might have never looked at before in a sexual way may suddenly become attractive if they share an intimate experience with you. You know, if they “get you” and understand. I think this happens when women are vulnerable and their guard is down. A sweet man that they normally would never give the time of day to suddenly looks like a knight in shining armor and we are enamored.
On the other hand, this woman says that men find their attraction through proximity. Meaning if they keep seeing the same attractive woman all the time (gym, dog park, work) then they will start to develop an attraction to them. According to this author, men like to be in their territory where they feel safe. This I can’t speak to.  Some men say you absolutely can’t be just friends and others say yes. Thinking about this, though, I think the age of the man has something to do with that theory. I can see younger men having being unable to have a friendship more than an older man. 
Here is the entire article. The comments are  worth reading.–Women-Just-Be-Friends
This is all about simply having an interest and not acting on the interest. I found a quote that Dr Phil said about what is “crossing the line” when it comes to male/female relationships.  His theory is so simple:
“If you wouldn’t do it or say it in front of your spouse or sigificant other then it is inappropriate”
Well, said Dr Phil.
Question of the day: What do you think about male and females being just friends?
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