Experience at a psychic group reading


Hello friends:


Friday night Kelly and I went to a psychic at the Yoga and Wellness Center in Franklin, Ma to see Joanne Gerber. I had heard about her because she has a live chat on Boston.com once a month that you can send her questions and she’ll post an answer. I did send her one but she had so many people write that she couldn’t get to them all. I looked up her web-site and checked out her events page and noticed she was coming to Franklin which is only 20 minutes from where we work.


 We arrived early and got the second row seats. There was a limit of 45 people so the room was pretty intimate and I liked how close we were to everyone.

 I am going to start off by saying Joanne spoke too much. Obviously, she was going to have an introduction about herself and what she does but she went on and on for about 25 minutes. She spoke in length about what could happen, who might come through, who might not…. It was simply too much. Get on with it lady. I almost felt like she was stalling starting the reading. Maybe she wasn’t getting anything at first but she wasted a lot of time. After 25 minutes she asked for 5 minutes of silence as we “called” to our relatives to come forward and speak to her.

 So, I was irritated by the time she finally started the reading. I am guessing other people were impatient as well. We paid for a reading, not to listen to how the process works.

 So, she got going with a woman seated directly in front of me. The woman was very emotional and validated some things Joanne said. As the reading went on, though, there was a lot she couldn’t validate or didn’t understand. Too much for my taste. She moved on to another woman and again validated a few things but not a whole lot.

 So, just as I was sitting there thinking this woman is full of ka-ka she started getting more things right. She gave lengthy readings. If she had a message for someone she stayed with them for a good 20 minutes.

  She read about 5 people out of 45 and although people seemed happy with their readings, I wasn’t totally convinced. She told the woman in front of me about a cabin that the woman had no idea about. Someone later said they understood the cabin reference and Joanne said, “Oh, so the message was for you, not her”. This happened a couple of times with different people. So, how do we know you gave the right message to anyone then?  I could totally relate to the message the lady next to me got. How do I know it wasn’t meant for me instead? Joanne mentioned to the lady in front of me that she was having tire issues. She saw a tire light in her car go on. Well, just that day Dan’s tire light went on and he was bringing it in to be looked at. Was that meant for me?

 She went a little beyond the time and allowed for questions at the end. The owner of the Yoga place said it seemed like she was getting stronger as the readings went on and did she just need time to get in sync. Clearly, the Yoga owner didn’t think she hit on all that much at first either.

 Neither Kelly or I got read so I can’t really say from experience if she is a full of it or not. Kelly thinks she got a shout out from a relative, but that was all. Kelly also thought a message given to someone else could have been for her.

 I found it very disjointed, like maybe she had the wrong message for the wrong person. Not to say she wasn’t getting anything I just don’t know that it was for the right people.

 All in all it was a fun evening out. For $45.00 for 2 hours of entertainment it was fine. I wouldn’t pay her for a private reading though. I just wasn’t convinced enough by her reading. If you feel inclined to go to her workshops she has many coming up. See her upcoming events here. http://www.joannegerber.com/


Question of the day: Have you ever been to a psychic? What did you think?


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4 Responses to Experience at a psychic group reading

  1. Kent H. says:

    You know Karen, when I got in my car Friday morning to drive up to Portland to work my tire light was on.. No kidding.. Maybe I channelled that through you lol.. I was thinking, you mention that everyone was close together do you think that could cause bleeding over of the readings and her not really being able to determine who was really transmitting..??

    • karenmregan says:

      Really? Your tire light came on too? Weird. I don’t think she was necessarily full of crap, but you could be right about the proximity of everyone. Maybe the energy or whatever got blurred because we were all right together. I can see that might be a possibility.

  2. Kent H. says:

    Yes really… I have an air pump that works off of the cigarette lighter, so put a few pounds in and was on my way..

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