Killed with an axe by an insane brother

After a late night out Friday, I had a really busy day planned for Saturday!
I met my friends, Pam and Colleen at 10:45 and we headed to the Hillsborough County fair in New Boston, Nh.  We piled into Pam’s car and headed to the Fair! It was such a beautiful day for this. Sunny, but cool and just a gorgeous fall day. Love this weather!
The ride over to New Boston is a really pretty ride. You go through a town called, Mont Vernon and it has beautiful views and pretty houses. It’s a typical small New England town and I love going through it.  Mont Vernon leads you into New Boston, which is also a pretty little New Hampshire town.  So, even before we got the fair I was having a good time.  I haven’t seen Colleen in a year and she and Pam are fun to hang out with.
It was $10.00 to get into the fair (thank you Dan for giving me all of your cash) and the first thing I wanted was food!  I had just had a little flour less muffin for breakfast and all I could think about was eating. They had your typical hamburgers, hot dogs, chicken fingers, fries, onion rings…..  and I was going to get chicken fingers and fries but then Colleen mentioned the wraps she saw advertised.  We both wound up getting a buffalo chicken wrap and it was delicious. Ok, so the chicken was fried but Colleen justified it for me by saying there was lettuce in the wrap and that’s a vegetable.  I didn’t get fries (and they looked so good) so I was pretty pleased with myself for choosing a little better. The wrap really held me and it was so satisfying. I love spicy food.
As we walked in we passed by a truck that you could hit with a sledge hammer.  They were hooting and hollering when Pam walked up and plunked down her $2.00. The guys running this seemed excited to have a female have a hand at this. She donned heavy gloves and picked up the sledge hammer and walloped away.  Colleen and I watched and I told Colleen it looked like a better workout than kettle bells.  The hammer is heavy and Coleen wanted to know how people can whack for longer than a minute. For $5.00 you could have whacked for 3 minutes. The trucks were more durable than I realized. The fun parts, like the windshield, headlights and windows had already been smashed out, but it was still fun to watch.
After that we walked to the barn to see the animals. They had chickens, bunnies and sheep that were all being shown by the kids from the 4H Club. The kids and animals were all so cute. I love seeing the kids take care of the animals. I wished I had been in the 4H Club but I don’t even think we had one where I grew up.
We moved on to the next barn that had beautiful pen and ink drawings, prizes for vegetables and flowers, jams and honey and bibles. There was a table called Gideon’s bibles and Gideon was fast asleep with his chin on his chest. He never opened his eyes as we passed by his table. Check him out!
Dan and I have been looking for a desk and right in front of me was the perfect desk! It was an antique desk made of oak and it had 5 drawers on one side. The size was perfect and guess what? It was not for sale; it was just a display by the women’s garden club. Oh, well….
There were a few vendors selling jewelry and jewelry trees, there was a tarot card reader and even piglets. OMG, they were so cute! I tugged on one’s ear and it didn’t even flinch it was so sound asleep. I figured Dan would kill me if I brought one home.
ImageImageImage These were all so cute I had to post them all! Look at the bum on the one on top of the pig pile!
None of us like the rides anymore so we walked past them and just looked. Not too many people on them. We did watch a super slide that looked really fun and then we headed out. We all agreed it was the perfect size fair. Not too big where you walked around for hours, but you got the food, animals and rides if you wanted them.
We were going to get an ice cream at the fair but we figured we would get one at a place on the way home, Haywards.  Pam and Colleen got waffle cones, and I admit I got a sundae. I did!  Coffee heath bar crunch with caramel sauce and marshmallow.  I don’t think she heard me say nuts too so I didn’t have any but it was still good. I figured it was the last ice cream of the summer.
There is a really cool cemetery not too far from Pam’s house. There is a stone that reads “killed with an axe by an insane brother” I swear I am not kidding. We stopped to show it to Colleen. I was impressed Pam remembered where it was. There was a guy sitting in the cemetery watching us and we joked that it was really a ghost and not a human. BWWW HHAAAA HAAA.
IMG_0424 (2)See the real grave!
We got back to Pam’s at about 4:15 and looked up silly videos on her I-pad. Yes, I made her watch Adam Lambert’s Diva’s bloopers and a girl who ran up on stage with a camera strapped to her head while he was singing and he high fived her.  What? It was funny
You too, can watch it the bloopers here.
I reluctantly left Pam’s house at 6:15 (they were having pizza on the grill!) and headed home to Dan and Molly.
Very fun and tiring weekend.
Question of the day: What did you do fun this weekend?
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2 Responses to Killed with an axe by an insane brother

  1. Kent H. says:

    You are right… Definitely a cute bum…!!

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