Quotes of the day

Happy Friday the 13th, Everyone!


I was feeling a little irritated by life today so i decided to find some inspirational quotes that I can relate to and share.



I have actually done this- it is possible to decide to feel differently.




Enough said



I truly believe everything happens for a reason although we may never know why





So true, it’s so much more lonely to be with people who are wrong for you.





You’ll never be happy comparing yourself to anyone else.





Yup, can’t always get what you want, but if you make the best of what you have you’re golden




Hanging on to the past is the best way to miss your future.





And of course a quote from Adam Lambert. Love this! It’s so true, being you is easier.


I have to admit I felt uplifted reading these quotes. 


Question of the day: what are some of your favorite quotes?


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2 Responses to Quotes of the day

  1. Kent says:

    You snuck Adam Lambert in there huh.. Lol.. A few of those hit home for me..!!

    • karenmregan says:

      I put Adam in where ever I can. Love his attitude, as much, if not more than his looks. He is so positive. Yeah, just feeling kind of cranky today and thought these reminders might help. Hope it helped others too.

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