Freezer Meal party!

Hello Ladies:

 I want to tell you all about an awesome party I went to this weekend.  My new friend, Christy, invited me to a freezer meal party hosted by Amanda Johnson of Pampered Chef.



What exactly is this? Well, it is a way to have fun, put some meals together and bond with your ladies friends or makes some new ones. Everyone was new to me and I met 4 great new ladies at Christy’s. It was so nice to meet: Karen, Heather, Jane, Tammy, Amanda (the host of P.C.) and of course, Christy.

 I arrived at Christy’s unsure of what the deal was. I went to Blog and not participate because Dan will not eat frozen meals and Danny doesn’t really eat much meat. I knew my family would not eat the food, but I wanted to go to blog about it because I think it’s an awesome idea that would be so helpful for many busy Moms.

 The ladies would be making 5 different meals that would be frozen until they pull them and cook them. The meals were:

  • Pineapple rum glazed chicken
  • Taco Soup
  • Sweet N sour chicken
  • Lemon Greek chicken
  • Chicken pot pie x2

 Before the party a list of ingredients was sent to each woman to purchase and bring to the party. The list was broken down by:


Canned Goods






 You put all your stuff in a cooler and bring it to the party.

 From what I heard the ladies spent about $55.00 for the ingredients but you get 6 meals out of the deal so it’s pretty cost effective. At the end Amanda gives you cards to put with your meal telling you how to cook it.

 There were 5 different stations set up each station making a different meal. There was a recipe card at each station and the ladies made up their meals and bagged them in freezer bags for the future. They used pampered chef products during the assembling of the food so they could try them out. After everyone had made their meal they would move to the station to their right and make that meal. We figured it took about 25 minutes to make each of the 5 meals. They made 5 meals in about 2.5 hours or so.


 Amanda was there guiding everyone and giving many great tips. Did you know you are never supposed to put metal in sour cream? So, that spoon you are using for the sour cream is breaking down and spoiling your sour cream. Huh, who knew? She even showed us the “pinky roll” when rolling down your plastic bag.



Amanda doing the “pinky roll”

Some meals were completed quicker than others so the ladies all helped one another with their meals with bagging, showing them what to do, showing them how to use the pampered chef products and cleaning utensils off. It was a real group effort and everyone had fun.  Even Tammy’s daughter (who is 15, BTW) asked if there was any clean up she could help with- sweet!


Karen making taco soup




Tammy and Jane at their stations





Heather about to make her chicken pot pies and Amanda keeping an eye on things

I was amazed at how efficient the stations worked. The kitchen wasn’t huge but it fit all 5 ladies and there was plenty of room. You don’t have to have a huge kitchen to have a party. Amanda told me she had Christy send her some pictures of the kitchen so she could envision how this was going to work.

 After everyone was done with their meals we had some cake that Amanda cooked while everyone was making up their meals. It was a chocolate cake with melted frosted poured over it. Delish! Then if anyone wanted to place an order with Amanda for any products they could do so.

 It was a really fun way to spend a few hours on Sunday and you got 6 meals out of the deal (the chicken pot pie made 2 pies).

 To contact Amanda about a party or products she can be reached at or (h) 978-297-0292 (c) 978-516-8802


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3 Responses to Freezer Meal party!

  1. Kent says:

    Karen.. great job on this blog.. the food looked awesome, I for one will eat frozen food.. lol.. By the way I know the other Karen from swimming on mondays and Ride on other days.. Real nice lady…!!

  2. Joanna Darden says:

    I have just heard about this type of party and I am so excited about going! First one next month and then another one in October!

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