Dinner Parties

Happy Tuesday Everyone:






Some of the dinner party group

Just to catch you up a little on my weekend I want to share a cool thing that Dan & I do with our friends every month.

 Once a month a couple in our group of 6 couples hosts a dinner party at their house. It is always on the second Saturday of the month (excluding December and July & Aug). If you can make it great, if not, then we’ll see you next month. My sister in law, Anne, comes up with a schedule each year and it tells each couple what they are bringing to the dinner party every month. if you are hosting the party, then you have the entrée. This month we had potatoes/rice, the Cusatos had desert, Conklin’s had salad and the Regans (Paul and Ann)  had appetizers and the Cohens had vegetables. Now neither The Regans or Cohens could make it so the hosts, The McGee’s, supplied the  apps and veggies along with the entree.

 We have been doing these dinner parties for 17 years and they work out great. It guarantees that you will see your friends throughout the year and you know what the day of the month it will always be so you can plan. There is no pressure if you can’t make it and if you can’t host it then feel free to cancel it for the month. We all live in different towns in Mass and some of the locations are quite a commute. Barbara & Jim live in Pembroke so that’s an hour and 45 minute ride for us. Everyone else is about an hour or so away. Usually we get to the house at about 6:30 – 6:45 and we leave at 10:00 since we have such a ride home. It is always a good time and it’s cheap!  When everyone’s kids were little they would bring them along so all the kids could play. The dinner parties are a fun memory of growing up for them. It is also a good excuse to try a new recipe on a bunch of guinea pigs.  We are hosting the month of October so we’ll see who we get to come out to Shirley.



I was talking to Barbara at the dinner party this weekend. She had lost about 60 pounds a few years back on Weight Watchers. I asked her a few questions on how and what she eats on the plan. She said she loves breakfast on the weekends. I asked her to give me an example of what she would eat and to my astonishment she said “Pancakes, eggs, toast, bacon”.  She said she is all in on her breakfast but she doesn’t have a lunch and she eats a really lean dinner of maybe chicken and vegetables. She told me that you can have what you want on WW but that is does require some planning. She said for instance she knew she was coming to the dinner party that night and she didn’t want to skimp. So for breakfast and lunch she had very light meals. Barbara said that planning and thinking ahead is the key to succeeding. She did gain back 30 pounds but she said she got tired of the planning ahead and stopped doing it. She is now back at it again and she knows what she needs to do to lose the weight. This makes so much sense to me. We eat out lunch every weekend, both days. So according to Barbara I would need to eat a light breakfast of maybe a shake, have the lunch I want, and then make sure I eat a healthy, lean dinner. She also doesn’t snack in between her  meals, which is something I need to learn. I eat all day long, even when I am not hungry. Unless I am stuffed to the point of feeling uncomfortable I think I am hungry. I need to learn that I don’t need to have that stuffed, bloated feeling.  it was very helpful to talk to Barbara and see that you can have what you want, just not all day!




I found some dumbbell workouts in the Flat belly diet book that I fund on my bookshelf.  I have 8 pound dumbbells and I used them to go through each exercise. I did 12 reps each x2 and I added in a few I know of my own. I really could feel that I worked out the next day. The move that really got my attention was one where you stand against the wall with your back firmly against it. Then you squat down and try and hold it for 45 seconds. I was thinking “how hard is that?” until I did it and could barely hold it for 20 seconds. Boy, is that challenging. Don’t rest your bum  on your heels for support. Squat with your back and arms resting on the wall. My legs were shaking and I had forced myself to hold it for 20 seconds the first time and I could barely do 10 seconds the second time.


We had the first fire in the fire place tonight! I know many of you would boo me right now, but I miss having fires in the summer.  We have a huge, old fire place that kicks butt and I love standing in front of it. Whoo Hoo. Fires are back!



Question of the day: What do you look forward to in the fall?


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