My Radio Debut!

Hi Friends:
Yesterday I did something that I have never done before and it was super fun.
 I was interviewed on the radio about my Blog. I was at a networking last week and my friend, Gina( she’s my Guest of the month) was there and told me about Kevin. She said he has a radio show that interviews people and that I should contact him and tell him about my Blog and see if he will interview me.
The Friends of Kevin Radio Show is a business talk radio show on WSMN 1590am on Mondays and Wednesdays from 11pm to 1pm. The interviews last about 15 minutes and all of the segments are recorded so he provides you with an mp3 file. In addition, Kevin uploads all of the shows to his website to promote his guests at , to itunes, facebook, linkedin and twitter to over 9,000 social media followers. The cost for the studio time to be a guest is only $50. This is a great and affordable way to promote your business. Guests have the ability to call in from all over the country so you don’t need to be in the studio. He asks that all of his guests provide him with 15 questions to ask them on the show so we can best highlight your company. The show is live in the Nashua NH area and streams worldwide at  Call Kevin at 978-995-1743 or email him at to schedule your show.
I sent Kevin an e-mail on Monday telling him I knew Gina and about my Blog and he replied that evening asking if I could be available for an interview at 11:22 on Wednesday! Well, of course, I can!
Kevin, then asked if I could send him about 10 questions about my Blog that I wanted people to know. At first I thought, “isn’t that your job, I don’t know” but then I realized he doesn’t know my business and its in my interest to chose the questions and to be prepared with the answer I want people to hear. So I thought of the top Q & A that I want people to know about and really thought about what I wanted the listeners to come away with about my Blog.
I was a little  anxious before the show but I have done local access cable TV before and I was ok with that. This was great because you are interviewed from the comfort of your own home and you know what Kevin is going to ask you. There were no surprises and he engages in the conversation and keeps it flowing and moving along.
The 15 minutes or so flew by and I had a really good time doing it. I was a little sorry when the segment came to a close.
I have always wanted to have m own local cable TV show but it is so time consuming that I just couldn’t swing it and full time work. So, a Blog was second best.
Tell me what you thought of my interview!
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2 Responses to My Radio Debut!

  1. Kent says:

    I heard most of the interview live and you did an excellent job..,

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