My Dad’s new girlfriend – I have been replaced!


 Did you all get to listen to my radio interview with Friends of Kevin? I hope you enjoyed it. I had a busy past few days and haven’t been able to Blog.

 Friday night I drove down the Cape after work to get my Dad for a few days. It was a long ride and back. Round trip it was about 4.5 hours so it was a long day. I haven’t seen my Dad in a while and I really wanted to see him. He moved into an assisted living place this summer and he has a new ‘”friend” that we will say he is obsessed with.  He has been really lonely since my Mom died and needs a companion. Anyway, that’s why you haven’t heard from me lately.

 I had been waiting for him to come up to go to the Londonderry Flea market in NH. Someone told us they have tons of purses and wallets and you just have to go. I pulled my directions from mapquest, which told me to take 111 East the whole way. That would have been easy if 111 E hadn’t disappeared on me in downtown Nashua. Dad and I drove aimlessly with me fuming for a while until he told me to stop wasting time and money and get directions. This from  a man who NEVER asked for directions? Anyway, good idea, Dad.


My first of three stops was at a McDonalds and was filled with young girls. They tried to be helpful and give directions but the truth was, they didn’t know. Thanks, girls. I kept driving and found a Burger King and when I saw a young man at the counter my heart sank again. I walked up to him and said “how are you with directions?” Well, turns out he was great at directions but bad with street names. I followed his directions to route 102 and I wasn’t sure which way to turn. I stopped at Dunkin Donuts and a nice man knew exactly where I had to go and told me how many minutes I would be on the road until I got there. Huh, that was helpful. We made it there instead of 45 minutes more like an hour and 5 or 10. Oh well, we got there.


The place had a ton of booths with a lot of garage sale type of things. I was going specifically for the bags because I need a new one and they had some nice ones. I didn’t think there were that many booths with purses and wallets. I mean there were some, but I had read a review that this place was mostly filled with pocket books. Not so… I did find a nice one for my Aunt along with a wallet. So, I got a little Christmas shopping done. Yay, me. They had a lot of stuff but nothing I had to have. They close at the end of October so I may go one more time before they do. Dad walks soo slowly so I didn’t cover what I would have normally, but that was ok.




Only $25 for the bag and $10 for the wallet. I contemplated several for myself but I don’t like tall bags with one compartment. Everything falls to the bottom  and I can’t find anything. I would rather a short, wider bag with 2 sections and they didn’t have any. I saw some really nice looking bags but they just weren’t what I wanted. I am still thinking about it so maybe I’ll go back and get one.. I bought  scarf for $5. The same one my Dad bought his new girlfriend, but in gray instead of black.


 I had to call Dan to get directions back because by this time I had no clue how I had even gotten there. He told me to take 111E the whole way back and I was a little concerned I would get lost again, but nope, it was easy as pie on the way home and we made it in 45 minutes, just like the directions said. Piece of cake once you know where to go.

 Once we got home I took Dad for a mini pedicure. He has toe nails like tree bark and has trouble cutting them. He said they were rubbing on his shoe so I took him to New England nails where I go. They soaked his feet, cut his nails, pushed back the cuticles, scrubbed his feet. He loved it! The ladies were all smiling at him as I was guiding him ( Dad, put your foot back in the water and give them your other foot. No, your OTHER foot.) They asked if he was my Dad and they thought he was cute.

 Then we went out to dinner and when we came home I made him help me clean. Dan went out for the night  and I love to clean when no one is home. Dad loves to be useful so I gave him a rag and told him what to dust. He does a great job and is super thorough. The only bad thing was when I got distracted on the phone by my aunt calling and I returned to find him using the same rag he polished furniture with on my wooden stairs. Um, Dad, you are going to kill everyone in the house including Molly.  My fault, my fault…. So, I went after him using water to get up the polish. No one has slipped yet and if they do I am not telling!

 Then he had an allergy attack, I think, from dusting. His eye was red and swelled and he was all stuffed up and sneezing. Maybe I shouldn’t have made him dust. Our house was pretty dusty. Shockingly, he told me he was ready to go home! Really though, I think he wanted to see his honey and not because I made him clean. He could not stop talking about this women. He calls her by my Mother’s name, Andree. This women’s name is Audrey and it’s too confusing for him to differentiate. She doesn’t mind as she calls him Walt but his name is really Wes.   Tomato, Tomatoe…..

 Sunday I decided to drive him back to the Cape. I was going to keep him until Monday or Tuesday but we have to work. I could work from home but what would he do all day? So, I got up Sunday and told him we were leaving. No one in the house slept well Saturday night (except Molly) and every one was exhausted. Dad dreamed of Audrey all night so he didn’t sleep. He’s like a 16 year old boy for God’s sakes…

 We left the house at 9:45 and got to the Cape at about 12. We went to his favorite lunch place and he saw some friends he hasn’t seen in  6 months. He had a great time and then we headed to his place at The Royal. He found Audrey and gave her the scarf and then he didn’t come back to his room. I am waiting, waiting, waiting…. Finally I went and found him. I think he forgot about me! I met Audrey, Fred and another woman whose name I didn’t catch. They all led fascinating lives and I had a good time hearing about them. I stayed about  3 hours and left at 4:30. I was actually enjoying myself and hated to leave but the traffic leaving the Cape at 11:30 was backed up about 17 miles so I was nervous I was going to get stuck going back. Must have been people leaving early because it was raining because by the time I left I sailed right over the bridge and was home by 7:10.

 It was a long weekend of driving, but I saw my Dad and we had fun. I am glad he has a friend and is happy. I was not insulted that he wanted to be with her instead of home with me.

 Dan and I are going to Vermont this Wednesday till Sunday. I will be offline again for the week but will tell you all about our cabin on the lake (Molly too) next week when we get back.

 Have a wonderful week. It is going to be beautiful!


Question of the Day: Do you like the red colored bag I got for my aunt?


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2 Responses to My Dad’s new girlfriend – I have been replaced!

  1. Kent says:

    Sure, the red bag is marvelous.. Great job on being awesome daughter by the way..!!

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