Isle LaMotte vacation – We highly suggest you go

Hello, Hello:

 Dan, Molly and I just got back from a beautiful few days in Isle LaMotte on Lake Champlain in Vermont. We rented a cabin on the lake for a few days and I will spend the next few days sharing our time. It was gorgeous and one of my favorite trips.



Here is the link on home away if you ever want to rent:


Dan’s friend Robert and Paula live in Alburgh and suggested we ask Maggie (Robert’s ex) if we can rent her 2 bedroom cabin. We wanted our other friends, Lucy and Paul to stay with us so we wanted to have a spare room for them.


The cabin was right on the lake with the deck over looking Lake Champlain. Check out the back of the house and the view!




We got there Wednesday about 3:30 and Dan and I moved our stuff in, unpacked and then headed to Robert and Paula’s house at 6:15. We had reservations at the North Hero house at 7:00 so Robert and Paula kindly watched Molly for us while we went and had a nice meal at a lovely Inn.


After we snuck out on Molly and got to the Inn we were quickly seated. We noticed a very cute, but very small boy running around the restaurant screaming (I mean ear splitting shrieking). Then he and his Mom came to the table next to us and were pretty much in our face.  They finally moved on but the screaming and running continued. The waitress came over and we explained that although we love kids this is a special night out for us and if he wasn’t leaving soon, we would be. She said she understood and that he was leaving soon. Thankfully, they did. Children just don’t belong running and yelling in a very posh restaurant for an extended period of time while people are trying to have a romantic meal.


Anyway, I ordered scallops with a sweet corn succotash. It was soo good. I forgot to take a picture before I started eating so here is some of my half eaten plate. Sorry!



I would definitely order this again. Dan got a flat iron steak, which he never orders out, but he said it was fantastic. It came with mashed potatoes and pan roasted veggies and a demi glaze.  We split a glass of wine and decided against dessert, although the flourless chocolate cake sounded tempting.


We went back to the Whitcombs and reassured Molly we never had any intentions of leaving her there. We visited with them for a bit but then headed back to our place for the night. Lucy and Paul were coming the next morning and we wanted to catch some sleep.


Yeah, right!


The cabin was adorable but the only complaint we had, and this is totally our problem for being saps, is the beds were only doubles. We knew Dan, Molly and I would never be able to fit in one bed. So, Dan had one room while Molly and I shared the other. Nothing like romantic time with the dog!  I kissed Dan good-night and Molly and I settled in back to back for a good night sleep. 

Molly and I slept like babies and we got anxiously awaiting Paul and Lucy’s arrival.


Who is Paul, you ask?


Paul is a child hood friend of Dan’s from Stowe. Dan, Paul and Robert were all close growing up and Dan loves getting together with them. Unfortunately, we don’t see them often enough so it was a nice get away while seeing old friends. Lucy is Paul’s Girlfriend from Quebec and is a joy to be around. I have only met her once or twice but we were both looking forward to seeing her again and spending time together.

Continuation of our trip tomorrow!

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2 Responses to Isle LaMotte vacation – We highly suggest you go

  1. Kent says:

    That’s real nice, show us a picture of your leftovers..!!

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