Molly’s Follies – Oh Boy!


Isle LaMotte Part deaux:


Paul and Lucy arrived at the cottage between 10 and 11 on Thursday. We hung out for a bit on the deck and then Paula and Robert stopped by. We headed out to Links on the Lake for lunch and to catch up. Robert, Paul and Dan hadn’t seen each other since June so there was lots of catching up to do. The ladies hadn’t seen each other in awhile either so there was lots of chatting going on at the table.


I had a turkey club with sweet potato fries which was very filling. Everyone’s lunch looked delicious and we had a lovely afternoon on the deck of the Golf Course. There was no one else out there so we could talk, laugh and take our time over lunch. Paula and Robert had to go see family (they were surprised with news of a new grand baby on the way!) and Paul, Dan, Lucy, Molly and I took a walk in North Hero State Park. It was an easy loop but it was so nice to be walking in the beautiful, fresh air. Lucy and Dan walk way faster than Paul and I so he and I hung back and chatted while Lucy and Dan power walked and talked.


 By the time we got home we were not hungry for dinner due to the late lunch so we broke out the cheese and crackers and just munched on snacks until bed time. Paula and Robert had left us a care box of eggs, bacon, pancakes, maple syrup, cheese, wine, beer, beer and wine opener, crackers……. Anything we could have possibly needed and then some. Paul and Lucie also brought munchies and wine. Those crazy kids….  So, we snacked on all my favorites. So, nice of Robert, Paula, Paul and Lucie!

 Friday morning we got up fairly early and decided to go to Burlington for the day. I have never been but I have heard a lot about it so I was eager to go. We decided not to bring Molly so we left her in the house for the day. We got to Burlington about 11:00 and walked around the downtown. We saw the ferry leave and Paul pointed out various buildings to us. Then we drove to a parking garage and headed to Church St. We had a yummy lunch at Sweet waters (Paul got the best pork nachos I have ever had) and we sat in the sun talking and people watching. There are some interesting characters in Burlington.


We poked in a few stores and bought Robert a Birthday card and small gift. We completely forgot to bring his gift with us. Doh! We hit a TJ Maxx on the way home and everyone bought something except Lucy.

 When we got home Dan opened the door and was surprised Molly wasn’t there waiting for us. She HATES to be left alone, never mind in a strange house.

  Dan went into each room and shouted “Molly is gone”. Of course, I panicked and said “what do you mean?” He opened the door to the porch and there she was sleeping in the sun! We were so relieved but couldn’t figure out how she had gotten out. The 3 of us had gone to the car first and Dan stayed behind to lock Molly in. He KNEW she was there. He called the owner of the home and asked if she had been over. She hadn’t. Then he went into the bedroom and discovered how she got out.


The window was open about 2 feet. Enough for her to knock out the screen with her front feet (you could see where her feet hit the screen) and she jumped out to the dirt below. We were gone for 5 hours. We have no idea if she was out for 5 minutes or the whole 5 hours. The house is right on the road and she doesn’t know where she is. Thank God Molly stuck around and didn’t run off.

 Stupid, stupid, stupid of us to not even think she might go out a window. We never thought about it at all. Shame on us, but we’ll think of it next time! Thank God she was ok. She went to bed at 6:00 that night and never woke up for dinner or to pee. She was definitely stressed out.


Lucy, Dan and I walked Molly again in North Hero State Park and when we got home Paula and Robert were there for a cookout. They brought all the fixins for a BBQ and Paul got cooking on the grill. We had steak, ribs, corn, peppers and onions, bread and red velvet cupcakes. MMM MMM.



Robert opened his card and gift and we sang Happy Birthday as he blew out his candles. A good time was had by all.


Dan and I kept checking on Molly before bed and we thanked our lucky stars that someone was looking out for us and we avoided a tragedy. Poor Dan slept on the couch because we can’t all fit in the bed and Molly and I slept soundly that night. I didn’t even mind that she was pushing me out of the bed. I was just happy she was with me.




Question of the Day: Has your dog ever given you a scare?

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4 Responses to Molly’s Follies – Oh Boy!

  1. Pam says:

    OMG! Molly is a smart girl for staying at the house! Other than that scare… sounds (and looks) like you guys had a great time! More tomorrow?

  2. Hi We had a little scare a couple years ago with Gunny we went to Winnespauke to visit a friend. We went out in their boat left Gunny behind in the house with her dogs. They have french door handles so she got the door open and went wandering. We came back and all her dogs were on the dock but not ours. She must have been looking for us ! Hours went by and we couldn’t find her. Finally we got a hold of the dog officer for that area and he had her in a town about 1/2 an hour away. Needless to say we were relieved and when we got there she was happy to see us but seemed content hanging out with the dog officer !!

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