Pancakes and Fisk Quarry


On Saturday Paul got up and started making pancakes for breakfast. I haven’t had a pancake in years and these were super good and light! I am not a maple syrup eater so I put a bit of butter on them and had about 4 of them. MMM. Thanks for cooking, Paul!


Paula told us to go to the other end of the island and check out some cool things there.

 Yes, we brought Molly.


We went to a Quarry that was really cool. There were fossils in the limestone that were really interesting. We climbed up the quarry and walked around the path of it and stood high above the water and looked down. It was really cool. We even found these small head stones in the woods around the quarry. I have no idea how they got there or why but how neat, huh?


We stayed at the quarry for about an hour and then headed to South End Café for a quick sandwich. Paul and I had egg sandwiches on Portuguese bread and Lucie and Dan had sandwiches. They were all delicious and we sat and ate at a picnic table and just chatted for a while. Paul got some Cider donuts from the orchard across the street and I am told they were yummy. Many people came to the bakery and we met some people visiting the area.


After our lunch we decided to go to Isle LaMotte Preservation Trust. We took the white trail around and it was beautiful. The weather was simply gorgeous and we walked off our pancakes and lunch. Molly was happy to be with us.


We went back to the cottage and Dan and Paul sat in the sun on the back deck while Lucie and I headed to the shaded deck under a tree. Lucie and I were planning our next trip away with the men to Strawberry bank’s Christmas Stroll in Portsmouth.Nh. Hope we can meet up there.  It was such a relaxing afternoon, but unfortunately, Paul and Lucie had to get back home. They headed out at about 3:00 and we followed them to Robert and Paula’s house to say good-bye.


We were having Robert and Paula over for dinner so Dan and I headed out to the nearest store (about 20 minutes away) and got BBQ stuff. Check out the view from across the street from the grocery store. Beautiful, huh? 


Dan, Molly and I then went to Alburgh Dunes State park. It was a big beach on Lake Chaplain and it was beautiful. There was only one other person on the beach



We had burgers, pasta salad, salad, peppers and onions. So good!  We had a really nice evening with Robert and Paula and then called it a night.


Dan and I tried to sleep in the same room leaving Molly in the other room. We made it until 2:15 when Molls came in and woke me up to go back to “our” bed. I got up and left Dan sleeping peacefully.  We are such saps!

Dan woke us up at 8:00 the next day and we packed, loaded the car and cleaned up the cottage. We were really sorry to go, let me tell you.  The cottage was not fancy, but it was perfect for a cabin get away. It was so comfortable and cozy that I could have stayed there for months!

 Dan, Molly and I left the cabin and headed to the store to say good-bye and thank you to Robert and Paula. We left at about 10:40 on Sunday and got home to Shirley at about 3:15.

 It was such a great vacation. Lots of friend time, breath taking views of Lake Champlain and the Adirondack Mountains and lots of out door time. It truly was one of my favorite places. Dan and I would both love to go back.

 Molly was never so happy to see home!


Question of the day: Where do you love to vacation?

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