Credit Card Fraud! – Someone has my number!

What a gorgeous Indian Summer afternoon!
Too bad I have a cold and Dan just had a hernia operation and neither of us can really enjoy the day. My left nostril won’t stop running and I just took a cold tablet. We’ll see if I am still awake in an hour!
Credit Card
 Capital One notified me last week that someone had been using my card and making purchases that I did not place. I immediately thought of the boots I had ordered on-line (more on that in a minute). I have to give Kudos to Capital One for catching the charges immediately and contacting me several times to verify if these were valid charges. They rejected the charges and then called me to go over each one. The card was immediately stopped and I was not held responsible for any of the erroneous charges to my account. They sent me a new card which I got today. I really have to say I feel very safe with Capital One. They do monitor your account and some how know when you didn’t make the charges. Their e-mails to me hit my Spam and I didn’t see them but they kept calling until they reached me. I have a  lot of confidence in Capital One and that my card is safe.
The “Boots”
I blogged about these boots a few weeks back. I saw them on Face Book under Fashion and I ordered  them. I didn’t realize until it was too late that they were ordered from over seas somewhere. It seemed to take forever and I tried to look up the order but I couldn’t find it. I thought for sure I had been had and that was how my card was hacked.  Then I realized I used my pay pal account and not my Capital One to order these so it couldn’t have been them. Anyway, while I was on vacation the post office left me a message that I had a package. I thought it was from Maple Grove Farms of Vt because they had just sent me an e-mail saying something was on it’s way to me. I hope to be able to Blog about them soon. When I opened the box today I was surprised, but happy to see the boots I ordered over a month ago. The boots are cute, but I forgot that I have big calves. I am trying to stretch them because jeans will not fit inside this boot. They are super cute and flat so they’ll be comfie walking in. For $29.00 I ‘ll keep them and try and stretch them out a bit. I can wear them with leggings right now, but jeans, no way! What do you think of them?
Our friends, Lucie and Paul brought us Brie cheese last week. We didn’t eat it all and I didn’t want to throw it away so i was trying to think how I could eat it without eating too many carbs with it.  I thought of apples. I went and bought some Gala Apples and melted a little Brie in the microwave. I  melt the Brie in seconds because the first time was too long and all I had was oil and no cheese. Only about 15 seconds to slightly melt the Brie. Then I smeared some on the apple and it was delish! I was going to add  jam to make it a bit sweet but the fruit made it sweet enough without adding any sugar. I love this snack. I just used a tiny bit of cheese and the creaminess of the Brie and the salt against the sweetness of the crisp apple was so good and satisfying.I have read you should never eat a carb alone so to have an apple and a little bit of cheese is the perfect balance. I didn’t do this but you could also sprinkle cinnamon over the Brie. It goes well with the cheese and cinnamon is supposed to be great for fat burning. The only thing is Brie gets hard fast so you either have to eat it fast, keep melting it or just take a chunk of Brie and apple and pop it in your mouth (that was my choice).
I have decided to eat carbs, if at all, at one meal only and try and watch my portions. This morning I had hard boiled eggs that i shared with Molly.  Being home, I went for the Triscuits I bought on vacation last week that we didn’t eat. I had too many of those with some cheese, a  grilled chicken salad for lunch (no more chicken salad with mayo as it is too fattening and I already had fattening cheese) then I had half an apple with Brie so I am going to keep dinner light tonight. Nothing fattening or heavy. I am going for the philosophy that you can eat what you want, just not all day. I had cheese and crackers today, ok, now you have to eat light the rest of the day. I can do that. 
Question of the Day: have you ever had your Credit card stolen/used?
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2 Responses to Credit Card Fraud! – Someone has my number!

  1. Kent says:

    My mouth is watering thinking about your apples and Brie btw.. Great philosophy by the way….!!!

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