Baby Shower and sex of baby reveal!

Is this the most creative way to announce a baby or what? I love it! You have to watch the video.


Our good friends, Mike and Nancy, invited Rosemary and I to their daughter, Katie’s baby shower on Sunday.


Katie lives in Hawaii with her husband, Aaron, and they both, along with many other family members flew in for this special occasion.

Katie’s friends


Katie’s family


Bergin Clan -Side view of Nancy!

protein Foods 012

Katie’s older sister, Chrissy and her Aunt, Deb threw a really adorable baby shower for the happy couple at Filhos’ Cucino in Groton.

The shower started off with appetizers and everyone saying hello. Rosemary and I met a friend of Katie’s named, Jen, who was alone so we invited her to join us at our table. We were all offered to choose a little teddy bear with a blue ribbon or pink. Katie and Aaron were going to reveal the sex of the baby soon and we all got to guess. I chose a pink one.


After some munching and chatting the excitement started to begin.

Katie and Aaron didn’t know the sex of the baby, however, they had the results in an envelope which they were about to find out with everyone else. There were 2 huge teddy bears; one pink and one blue one. Nancy had us all close our eyes and when she said ok she had placed the blue bear on Katie’s lap.


Congratulations you are having a boy!

Such a fun way to announce a grandson or a granddaughter

After the announcement a waitress came over and asked us if we wanted a spinach salad or a house salad. I opted for the house salad while Rosemary and Jen ordered the Spinach. The salads were enormous! I could have eaten the salad just as a meal. It was so good with blue cheese and bacon and a spring lettuce mix. The Spinach salad’s were just as big and from what Rosemary said just as good as the house.

Then we had another difficult decision to have:

Salmon with mashed potatoes and vegetables

Sausage and pasta

Shrimp and pasta with garlic, oil and capers

Stuffed chicken with mashed potatoes and vegetables.

Jen and I both went with the Shrimp while Rosemary opted for the Salmon. The plates were over flowing and absolutely delicious. I ate about half and took the rest home. It will be perfect for another meal.


Nancy picked up the cutest cake at a shop in Nashua. Look at this! It was as good as it looked. The middle was filled with a strawberry filling and the icing wasn’t too sweet. It was a good way to finish off the meal with a nice cup of decaf coffee to go along.

protein Foods 004

After dinner the guys left and left the ladies (and Aaron) to open the gifts. Chrissy gave such a beautiful speech about how much joy Katie and Aaron have brought and continue to bring to the family. I don’t have a sister but I thought it was a really touching thing to say.


Katie got a lot of gifts and some gifts cards (easy to get back to Hawaii)



The shower was from 12:00 to 3:00 and by the time meals were eaten and gifts opened it was just about 3:00. We said our good-byes to Katie, Nancy, Deb and Chrissy and picked out our favor gift.

The ladies had glass globes with tiny desert plants in them. I love this idea as a shower favor because who wouldn’t appreciate a plant? It is the perfect size for my office and I plan on bringing it into work to brighten up my desk. I love it!

Congratulations to Katie and Aaron on the soon to arrival of their son. This is such an exciting time for their family and we wish them all the best and happiness in the world.

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