5 Questions to ask yourself for a Happier Life

My buddy, Kent, mentioned to me yesterday that I seem to do a lot of fun and different things. He had been reading my Blog and noted the activities that I have done recently. I replied that I make a point of finding unique and fun things to do but this got me thinking about life in general.
I wanted to Blog about 5 questions to ask yourself about your life that may help clarify what’s important to you. Answering these questions helps me know if I am on the right path or not. Look at the below questions and my responses. I encourage you to answer your own and see what you discover. You might be surprised!
1.If anything was possible, what would you love your life to look like in 2 years? I would love to quit my current full time job and be blogging/ blogging related activities part time. I would like to be teaching classes/workshops part time and to have time to volunteer to charities that I believe in, like Dress for Success.
2. What has your intuition been saying to you? (or heart, gut) I told my husband recently that I feel in my gut that I am meant to do bigger things with my writing and speaking. I love writing for the town newspaper but I want to reach a bigger audience that reaches outside of Central Mass. My secret wish has always been to be on TV or actually preferable, the radio. Maybe like a Delilah, but not as sweet!
3.What refreshes you, mentally? My number one personal Value is Connection. When Kent mentioned that I do fun things it’s because I make a point to find fun things to do with people I enjoy. This brings me great joy and replenishes me when my energy is low. If I spend time with people I enjoy on a weekend this carries me into my work week and I really see a difference in my productivity. Take my Values exercise and discover your top values. Build your life around them and you will be happier than ever.
4.What do you waste the most energy on? For me, I probably waste a lot of energy on negative thinking. The woe is me, why can’t I break out of what I am currently doing and into something bigger and more impactful. If I spent more energy thinking positively instead of negatively it would give me more energy. Plus, you attract what think. I need to practice visualizing what I want rather than what I don’t want.
5. If you found out you were dying today, what would you be really disappointed you never did? Take more risks. I tend to play things very safe and can be afraid to go out on a limb. Don’t get me wrong, I have taken huge risks that I never thought I would and I am proud of that but then I get to a limit and stop short. Baby steps are awesome but then you have to take toddler steps, then adolescent steps, and so on…. I have such a huge sense of responsibility, which is good, but that can leave me paralyzed to try something new or out of the box.
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2 Responses to 5 Questions to ask yourself for a Happier Life

  1. Kent says:

    That guy Kent must be a profound and intelligent individual, he also is very good at stating the obvious..!! Thanks for mentioning me again Karen and keep up the good work at writing your blog you do an amazing job..!!

    • karenmregan says:

      Thanks, Kent. Sometimes I get stumped on what to write so you just stating a comment triggered a whole blog! So even when you think you’ re just throwing out a random comment, you never know what Blog may come of it.

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