14 ways to sabotage your diet – see my top 3

Food Update:
My left over almond flour pancakes were really good unfrozen and popped in the microwave for about 20 seconds. They held up really well and weren’t soggy or mushy at all. I think I’ll whip up a batch of these and freeze some more. Why not? They literally take 5 minutes to make and you just pop them in the oven to cook. I may do several kinds:
cranberry and walnuts
chocolate chip
banana and blueberry
So many different things you can do with these bad boys!
I sent away for a free sample of Sensitive tooth paste by Arm and Hammer by Orajel. It is a whitening paste with baking soda. I have a very small pit in one of my teeth that isn’t quite a cavity yet but can be sensitive. I have had it for years and sometimes when I eat or drink something cold it just hits a nerve! I am going to try this toothpaste and see if it helps. I have used Arm and Hammer before and like them because the baking soda does get your teeth whiter. Thanks for the free sample Orajel!
I found this great article on 14 ways you are sabotaging your diet. Only 14?? Here were my top 3 saboteurs
1. Guesstimating portions and over eating
2. Binging on weekends ( could be a tie for number 1)
3. Grazing and eating more calories (Grazing doesn’t work well for me. I eat more like 6 normal meals!)
Question of the day? What are your top ways you ruin your diet?


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One Response to 14 ways to sabotage your diet – see my top 3

  1. Kent says:

    I have been using Sensodyne for my past tooth sensitivity and it seems to work..

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