For those of you who did not see this on Facebook I am now published on Yahoo Voices. I was notified late yesterday that they accepted one of the articles I submitted to be published on their web-site. Very exciting for me! Check the article out here and share with everyone you know!
Also: for those who have followed my previous blogs I have finally scheduled my first Mammogram for November 6. I have been meaning to do this for the past few years and have just put it off. I promised myself this would be the year and I did it. I will Blog about the experience and let you know how it went for me.
I started taking Flaxseed oil pills when I thought I had high blood pressure. My eye doctor kept telling me she saw a dark ring in my eye that can indicate high blood pressure. Did you know that your eyes can tell you if you had high cholesterol? Me either!  She suggested I get it checked and of course, I didn’t. I went to her the next year and she said, “Karen, the ring is even darker. Did you get this checked? ” I got nervous and started taking Flaxseed for almost a year and then I went to have my cholesterol taken. I am happy to report the number was fine. I take one Flaxseed pill in the morning and then again at lunch.
I was also told I was low in vitamin D, which I guess most people are. I was feeling very sluggish and foggy brained which could be attributed to my low vitamin D. I started taking 5000 IU 2 times a day to really get my level up. Once I met them I cut back to 5000 once a day. I do feel more focused and less foggy brained now that I have been taking the vitamin D.
I have really been cutting back on my snacking and eating. This was my day’s meals
Breakfast – 2 scrambled eggs and coffee
lunch- salad with feta, bacon bits, light ceasar dressing
snack – Cozy shack rice pudding cup – peanuts
dinner – hamburger – no bun, beans
I really like my salads for lunch so I make that my biggest calorie meal and try and eat lighter the rest of the day. I am having NO alcohol unless we are at a social function. Too many empty calories.
I love Cozy Shack no sugar added Tapioca. I thought that was what I was buying when I grabbed the Rice Pudding. The Rice Pudding isn’t bad but I LOVE the Tapioca. It isn’t too sweet which I love and it’s tasty.There is only 70 calories in one cup and only has 6 sugars with 4 proteins. Not bad for a snack. I am also getting milk which is good for my bones! You gotta try it!
Question of the day: What’s your favorite “good” snack?
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  1. Kent says:

    Karen we must have had the vitamin D. conversation before that is one of my big pushes that I push onto everyone else.. 5000 IU’s a day, I take drops though..
    Favorite healthy snack, hmm probably my Jello sugar free dark chocolate pudding with Redi Whip or whatever it is called..!!

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