Dinner party at our house


Happy Sunday, Everyone!


I hope you all had a nice weekend. For some of you lucky ducks you get a long weekend. Unfortunately Dan and I don’t. Too bad, this is my favorite time of the year. Cool, beautiful with the leaves and cozy…. Love it!


Anyway this was our dinner party weekend of the month. I had blogged about it last month that 8 couples share taking turns and hosting a dinner party at their house and the other 6 couples bring the appetizers, side dishes and desert.  We know in Sept who is hosting every month and who is bringing what.

Well, this month it was at our house. It’s no pressure for people to show, if you can make it wonderful, if not we’ll see you next month hopefully. 6 couples were able to make it this month.

 Since the Cohens couldn’t make it and they had appetizers we supplied those as well. Dan has a huge basil bush growing in the garden. He really wanted to use it so we bought beautiful tomatoes and mozzarella and put his basil on top.


Check out his basil!


I have also been on that apple and brie kick so I had that with apricot spread to put on top. That was a bit hit as well. The melted brie with apricot on top of apple slices was delish!

 Dan made a pork loin dish that is fantastic. It’s one of our favorite meals in our house and it’s always a hit with people. You put the pork loin in a covered fry pan on the stove with garlic and thyme and other good stuff and basically let it cook on the stove top. Then Dan makes a balsamic vinegar sauce that goes over it. OMG it is so good! I haven’t found anyone yet that has not loved this dish. Dan got it out of a William Sonoma book years ago and it is one of our fall staple dishes. So good.


Here was the schedule this month

Cohen- appetizers

Cusatos – Potatoes/rice

McGee’s – Vegetables

Regans (Dan’s brother & wife) – salad

Higgins – desert


Unfortunately our dining room table isn’t big enough to fit all 10 of us so the men had to sit in the other room. It was ok, though, because they were watching the Bruins in front of that fire place while the ladies sat in the dining room and chatted in front of that fire place. It worked out well.



Barbara, who is a fantastic cook BTW, made 2 cakes. One was white cake and white frosting and the other was chocolate cake with chocolate frosting. So good! Here is the picture of the white cake. Yum!




Everyone usually leaves around 10 because some of us have over an hour ride home. Barbara & Jim had more like an hour and 45 minutes!  We all really like these dinner parties and have a lot of fun at them. See you on November 9th at the Cusatos house!


Dan and I got up at 8:30 this morning and met our group for our scheduled walks. We meet at 5:00 during the week and at 10 and 5 on the weekends. When the time changes and it’s dark at 5 we walk with flashlights during the week and on the weekends we change the time to 3:30 instead of 5:00. It only gives us a few hours in between walks in the winter but we all really enjoy them. Kind of like the dinner party, if you can’t make, it no worries. We have our Bergin (named after Mike Bergin) rule of we’ll wait until 5 minutes after the hour and then we leave.

 The park was pretty busy this morning. 



This morning we had everyone there, except Nancy, and Sarah, Rosemary’s daughter, joined us. We were talking about movies because Ralph had seen Gravity the night before and Sara and Rosemary had seen Captain Philips so we were discussing if they were worth seeing. The ladies loved Captain Philips but Ralph thought Gravity was just so so. Sarah really wants to see Gravity and Mike was asking Ralph some questions about the movie and Ralph popped out with the movie spoiler! He clapped his hand over his mouth but we all heard it! Poor Sarah! Now she knows what is going to happen. Oops!

 The dog park is really pretty this time of the year and I took some photos but then my camera crapped out.

Mike waiting for the rest of us to arrive


Mike,Dan and Ralph



Pretty trees



The Groton School boathouse



Happy Sunday, Everyone!





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4 Responses to Dinner party at our house

  1. Kent says:

    Funny you mention Gravity & Cpt Phillips.. Fox News had their reviewer on this morning and he said they were both must see.. But he did say to watch Gravity in 3D.. I will probably wait til they come on DVD..!!!

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