Happy Monday! To all of you who did not have to work I hope you enjoyed a nice long weekend.
So, not to beat these almond butter pancakes to death but I made up a double batch on Sunday and made 3 different kinds. I made cranberry and walnut, chocolate chip and pumpkin pie and froze them in plastic bags. I put 2 or 3 in a baggie so I can pull them out when I want a quick breakfast.
I brought the chocolate chip to work with me today and OMG they were so good! I microwaved them for 20 seconds and put a little bit of butter on them. I had 3 stacked on top of each other and between the chips slightly melted and the butter they were soooo good. These cakes were fairly flat but 3 of them did fill me. Even though there is not one ounce of flour in them I felt as if there were. They are substantial and satisfying to me.
 I am telling you if you want a quick, easy, no flour breakfast or snack you have to try these. They couldn’t be easier to make and taste great!
I found this fun article from Men’s Health that tells you what type of foods you like say about you.
I like savory and salty. My favorite foods are pizza and french fries. That would seriously be my last meal on earth. So, according to the article I am outgoing from the savory foods and easy going from the salty.
Hm, I think I CAN be both outgoing and easy going a lot of the time but there are times I can be kind of shy and definitely not easy going. But, if I had to pick out of all of them, for me, I would say this is accurate.
How about you? Does your food tastes match the personality it is assigned to in this article?
For lunch I brought a Panera Bread Chicken Tortilla Soup. It only has 260 calories and and 3 grams of fat and it is bursting with flavor. I absolutely love this soup. We had left over tomatoes from our dinner party so I sliced them up and sprinkled them with Parmesan cheese and cut up the fresh basil from our garden. I roasted them in the oven for a few minutes and I had 4 small slices with my soup for lunch. Yummy lunch.
I had my apple and low fat Brie for a snack ( also left over from dinner party)
Tonight for dinner we are having beef tacos. I’ll just have 2 with shells because I didn’t have any other carbs today.
It’s all about balance baby!
I didn’t go to Step class tonight because they have been throwing in a lot of Crossfit and I don’t enjoy it. We are hopping over the step landing on one foot and doing burpees. I like that they are trying to mix it up but it isn’t Step anymore. This needs to stay in the Fit Traxx or Maxx Traxx classes and leave Step as Step. I guess the next 3 classes are going to be this format so I’ll walk in the dog park 2.5 miles until this program passes in 3 weeks. The park is pretty anyway and I want to get in the last of the daylight before we turn the clocks back in November.
After dinner I will be watching dancing with the Stars. I am amazed that these folks can learn to dance so well, so quickly. I am such a klutz that this just fascinates me.
Question of the day: What is your food taste? Did it match your personality?
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  1. Kent says:

    Not sure if I am supposed to pick 3 or 4 options here, but I like sweets, so I am cooperative and agreeable.. I like savory foods like pizza and steak which makes me outgoing although I was not outgoing many years ago.. I like the salty things I just don’t eat those a lot, so I know I am easygoing, to a fault, because I do get kicked around sometimes sadly and lastly I am cautious, but I don’t really like grapefruit or black coffee not sure if there other foods of that category they left out..!!

    • karenmregan says:

       Wow, you’re an all around jack of all trades. If you had to pick one of those categories, though, which one would you go for?  Like I said, what would be your last meal?  

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