Happy Friday!
It is an especially happy Friday for me because I am on vacation next week. It is really a staycation. We’ll just be home doing projects, meeting up with people I haven’t had a chance to and getting my Dad for a few days to come visitt. I like to take a week every year and just stay home and get things done. This is a good time of the year because it’s cool and dry.
So, I have been in the mood to Christmas shop lately. I think it’s because I actually know what I am getting everyone this year. That’s half the battle. I hate when you don’t know and you go to pull out of the driveway and you don’t even know where to go to find a gift! I am not a clothes buyer for people so the mall just doesn’t have anything for me.
I already have most of my aunt finished and my Dad I had pictures of my Mom remade from my wedding and had them framed. It’s such a great gift for him. He has been wanting pictures of her so I made 2 of them together and one of parents and I on my wedding day. I may do up one more of his whole family including his parents, sisters and my brother’s family. I like useful and meaningful gifts. I HATE to buy a gift just to buy something.
I know what I am getting Dan for Christmas ( he knows too) but its what he wants and he’ll use it. But, I do have a backup plan in case he changes his mind.
Danny I have some ideas for as well, but usually Dan knows what to get him.
That’s all I really have to buy for. The problem is when I start to buy too early I way over buy for people. I feel like I haven’t been shopping and I keep buying. When I go to put everything together I have too much. Matter of fact, I think I still have stocking stuffers in my closet from last year!
I even told Dan for the first time ever what I wanted for Christmas. I want a very thin gold chain to put my Mom’s diamond on. My last chain isn’t reliable so I took it off. It fell off me in bed one night so I didn’t want to chance it.
I really want to go back to the Londonderry Flea market because they had good, cheap things for Christmas. 
I may have to go back before they close for the season next weekend.
Have a great weekend!
Question of the day: have you started or have even thought about Christmas yet?
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