Go Sox!

Whoo hoo Red Sox!



Congratulations to all the fans in Red Sox nation. We’re going to the World Series! I am not much of a sports fan, to be honest, but it’s nice when our home team is in it.

Weekend happenings

Pam and I went back to the Londonderry Flea market. I really wanted a purse and the ones they had the last time I went were huge. They were more like totes and way bigger than the bag I have now. After a little searching I found the perfect sized bag in the color I wanted! $25.00 for the bag. Love it- check it out.

protein Foods 006

Pam found a purse for $5.00. It was real leather. The leather is thin but it’s a really nice purse. A lot of the purses had gold accessories and Pam wanted silver. She finally found one that she liked.

I also bought this poncho that looked so elegant on the hanger. Another woman was also looking at them and we couldn’t decide if we would really ever wear it. Plus, the pom poms hit in the “wrong” spot if you know what I mean. I tried it on and took it off and walked away. I really liked it though so I went back and bought it. For $10.00 I figured why not? I can throw it on over leggings with some boots.


protein Foods 009

After the flea Pam and I went to Searles castle in Windham, NH. She had just been to a wedding there and it wasn’t far form where we were. The castle was beautiful but there was a function going on so we didn’t get out and explore.

The weekend was so beautiful. The colors of the trees are gorgeous around us. Dan and I noticed doing errands today that the colors are just spectacular this fall. I love the cooler weather too so this weekend was so my kind of weather.


We have this week off and are planning to do some home projects. One of those was to put “curtains” on my bathroom window. I had bought stenciled laundry bags 2 years ago and planned to use them as curtains. I saw it in a primitive store and loved the idea. We finally stained my bathroom window and we hung the bags today.

I know they are short, I meant them to be to let in light. What do you think?

protein Foods 007


Dan and wanted to try a new restaurant. It was our anniversary last Thursday and his Birthday this coming Tuesday so we thought we’d go out. Dan found Fishbones in Chelmsford on the net and it looked good. It’s primarily seafood (hence the name) and we both love seafood so we thought we’d check it out tonight.

We got a little lost getting there as we thought it was on 110 but it wasn’t. Anyway, we got there and the hostess seated up between 2 other tables and we were kind of squeezed in. it was one of those were everyone is involved in everyone’s conversation because you are so close. I spotted a bar that faced an open kitchen and I asked Dan if he was willing to move. He was, for sure, so we sat at the bar and watched the cooks. We love sitting at an open kitchen and watching the action. Dan and I have both worked in restaurants and know how crazy it can get. It was fascinating to watch how they put together a dish. We talked to one of the cooks for a bit and we had a blast. It was just us up there so we had privacy and it was fun to watch.

I order the special of scallops and prosciutto with couscous in a sherry butter sauce. It was FANtastic. OMG. It was one of the best meals I have had in a long time. I slowed down eating it and tried to savor it. The scallops were perfect, the prosciutto giving it a bit of smokiness and the couscous was big and cooked perfectly. Sherry can be strong but there was just a perfect amount of tit. I would get this again in a heartbeat.

Dan got a simple baked sole, with asparagus and mashed potatoes. He said the fish was super fresh and delicious. He might have liked a little bit of a sauce but he said the dish was excellent. We will definitely be going back.

What did you do this weekend?

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  1. Love the curtains what a creative idea !!

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