Happy Tuesday, folks!
Remember my guest blogger, Erica, from  Curvy Healthy Girl? Of course you do, anyway, we are going to be doing some nutritional coaching together for the next few weeks. I am really excited because although I do know what I should eat I just don’t do it. Maybe having someone to speak with about it will help me understand what my problem is.
I spoke with Erica for about a half hour last night and we went over my goals, any food sensitivities, what I like, don’t like and generally just got to know one another a bit. I have coached and been coached over the phone for years so this process of speaking with someone and sharing about myself was a very comfortable one. Erica shared some of her experiences and challenges as well so I didn’t feel like I was the only one telling all my bad habits. She let me know we ALL have had challenges with food at one time or another. No judgement from her at all and she listened with a sympathetic ear.
She had e-mailed me a quiz on what kind of “burner” I am and it turned out I am a sugar burner. I was right on the edge of that or a mixed burner so I could be either, I suppose. I then got a chart for my type to see what foods I should be eating most of. I love doing these kinds of quizzes. I just think it really enlightens you about yourself and makes you think.
I am food journaling for the next 3 days about what I have eaten and done for exercising. I already tanked today because I couldn’t find my eggs to bring to work ( I had precooked hard boiled eggs) so when I got to work I said the heck with it and had a bagel with cream cheese. I KNOW that is all sugar or will be soon! A white bagel has almost no nutritional value to it. So, why when I know that did I choose to eat it? Here is where I could use a 3rd party help.
Erica is going to work with me to pick out 3 different meal choices that I like for each meal time. This will be helpful because I bring foods that I “think” I should eat but then don’t want them and pick another really bad choice.We need to discuss what I like and will want so I can be successful. I feel like now I set myself up to fail because I don’t really enjoy what I bring to eat.
I’ll keep you up to date by blogging about how I am doing.
Tomorrow night I have an appointment at  Fitness Your Weigh with a personal trainer, Steve. I am really excited about this too and the timing is great with me working with Erica on my nutrition. I can’t wait to see what Steve has to say and see some of his suggestions. I think I need more weight training and less cardio. I walk a lot and get cardio at the gym. What I am seriously lacking is strength training. I have no muscle mass and I know as we age you need to build muscle.
See, I sound like I know what I am talking about, right?  So, what is my problem people?  I just like junk? Well, who doesn’t? There has to be more to it than that.
I am more than ready to get a grip on this so between Erica and Steve’s support I am excited about this endeavor. It will also be super helpful to have them at this time as the holidays are coming and can be a challenge to eat right and keep your exercise up.
Question of the day: What is your “weakness food?”


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