I finally found a trainer!

Hey Everyone:
You all know that I have been searching for a Personal Trainer for a while now and just haven’t been able to gel with anyone yet. Well, last night I met with Personal Trainer, Steve Levesque from Fitness Your Weigh in Groton, Ma.
Check out his web-site: http://fitnessyourweigh.com
I had actually seen his studio while waiting to pick up my Chinese food order. I saw lights on and people coming and going from his studio and I wondered what was going on in there. I decide to check out his web-site and see if he offered Personal Training and if he had any classes you could pay by the class. I e-mailed Steve and he got right back to me. He had both options available so we picked a day to meet and discuss my goals.
Before we met he had sent me a health questionnaire to fill out. They were your standard questions that someone working with you would need to know.
I met with Steve at 5:30 in his studio. The studio is small, but very clean. He told me the classes are usually small and are all by schedule so they know who is coming and who isn’t.  He showed me around the studio and then we sat down to talk about why I was there.
I told him about my 11 pound weight gain from last year and how so many people (including my nurse practitioner) simply passed it off as being 45 and “that’s what happens”. I told him I couldn’t accept that answer and what happens when it turns to a 15, 20, 25 pound weight gain?  I shouldn’t worry about it until it gets to be an even bigger problem? I know my weight isn’t horrible but I am a believer in let’s get it under control while it isn’t that bad.
Steve took copious notes as we discussed my goals, health and fitness history. He asked me many questions and wrote down some notes on my answers.
We discussed if I wanted to just do PT ( Personal training) or classes too. At first I thought I wanted one class and one PT session a week but as we spoke I realized that I can do classes at my current gym and that I really need individual focus right now.
Steve has a 3 for free special going on right now for new clients. That is 3 free Personal Training sessions before you pay for anything.
Next week he is going to see where I am physically. He’ll give me a sit-up, push-up, cardio “test” and see where I am. We’ll probably take measurements as well to get a starting point. I already know how I will do on my strength test, but hey, you have to have a starting point. If you’re a 0 you can only go up, right?
I am really hopeful about my partnership with Steve and his team. I am a total goofball as you all know so I hope I don’t horrify him 🙂
He sent me a follow up e-mail today saying it was nice to meet with me and that he is looking forward to working together. Now, how is that for customer service? I used to measure customer service in a bank.  You know, “this call may be monitored for quality assurance?” Yup,  they really do listen!  So I am a stickler about Customer Service and I am giving him an A+.
I’ll fill you in next week after I have my next session and let you know how it went.
I made an American Chop Suey last weekend with beef, Raos Arrabbiata sauce and Lundberg brown rice pasta. The sauce was a bit spicy which I love and the brown rice pasta was not bad! I used spiral noodles and they fell apart a little because I over cooked them but the taste was great. I really enjoyed this as a lunch this week.
Question of the day: have you eaten anything “weird” lately that was good?
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3 Responses to I finally found a trainer!

  1. Kent says:

    I really like how you post pics of these products.. I was going what the heck is Arrabiatta sauce.. Now I know..!!

  2. Hi Karen- I so glad you hopfully found a match !! I can’t wait to hear all about it !

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