Fall back!


Did you remember to fall back last night? Ugh, it’s always tough that first night when it’s dark at 5:00!


I saw the first snow of the year today! When we went to walk Molly at 9:15 this morning there was spitting of snow. Not a lot, but it was snow, for sure. Winter is coming.



Dan and I went to see the movie, Captain Phillips, last night. I have to say it as the best movie that I have seen in a long time. Most movies I find very average but I loved this one. I thought Tom Hanks did a great job and even though I knew the ending I found it very suspenseful. Tom was in another of my all time favorite movies and that was “Apollo 13”. I LOVED that movie.  I loved Ed Harris in that movie and I thought it was so well portrayed. I loved how they had the families of the astronauts sitting watching the news with absolute dread and fear. I felt like I was right there with them!



I have been working with Erica on my nutrition and we came up with a few meals for me. I also went to the library and took out 2 Weight Watchers magazines. I found 2 interesting recipes and I wrote Erica to get her approval.

  One was for boneless, skinless chicken thighs marinated in oil, white vinegar and little sugar for a sweet and sour taste over coleslaw mix. I love cabbage so I am going to grill the chicken and put it on the slaw. I may add some nuts to it as well.

 The other recipe was roasted tomatoes stuffed with lemon, spinach couscous and a sprinkle of olive oil on top. I’ll have these with either chicken or shrimp and bring as a lunch. The couscous was yummy!


Here is a picture of it.



I bought a jacket at BJ’s a few weeks ago that I love. It is water resistant and it has a furry liner with a hood. I figure it would be good for fall when you don’t need a winter coat but it’s cool and rainy and you could use a hood. It worked really well for this weekend’s cool weather. It was only $29.00! You can actually get some nice clothes at BJ’s. I just took my Dad there and he got Perry Ellis cords, Chaps sweaters, and some beautiful button down shirts. Who knew?


Check out the picture


Home projects

Dan and I have been on home project kicks lately. The whole upstairs of our house is not painted. The walls are but we just never did the trim, doors or base boards. It’s only been 9 years, so what? Anyway, I had found a green that I liked in an antique store so I decided on that for our bedroom. Dan started painting and he did the closet door. We have a huge bedroom and it’s just white everywhere. We needed something to break it up and I think this is going to do the trick. Do you like the color?


Week ahead

I have my first Mammogram on Wednesday morning so I’ll tell you how that goes. I also have my second meeting with Steve, the personal trainer and we’ll see where I fall with his evaluation of me. Oh boy!

 Hope you all had a nice weekend and enjoyed your extra hour of sleep?

 Question of the day: What was one of your favorite movies?

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