I am better than I thought

I am better than I thought.


 Steve, the PT, told me I had to start with that line tonight. I met with Steve again from Fitness Your Weigh in Groton, Ma and he did an evaluation of me. He took measurements, which pretty much all matched mine except I rounded down. 🙂


 After the measurements he used a caliper to try and measure my fat on my arms, legs and hip. To my surprise, he told me I don’t have a lot of skin or fat to grab. He uses these numbers to do a calculation of my body fat percent but the numbers weren’t coming out right because I just don’t have enough meat on my bones.

 Well, who would have thought! I could have hugged him right then and there. (Just kidding, Steve)

 He put me on an elliptical for awhile to warm up and then we were going to measure my strength. He told me he wanted to see how many push ups I could do. I told him, none, and I believed that. I have broken both of my elbows as a kid so I always baby my elbows and don’t put much pressure on them. Sometimes, they do ache even after all of these years.

 Oh, you want to know how I broke both elbows and was it at the same time?

 When I was about 7 I learned how to do a cart wheel and went show my Mom in our front yard. My dad had dug up a tree and my arm landed in the hole and my whole body fell on my arm and my elbow broke.


 Then when I was 15 I was walking to school and it was icy out. Of course, I had on cute little heels and not boots and my feet shot out from under me and I landed on my other elbow. I told Steve I am a klutz.

 Anyway, I managed 30 push ups to my absolute shock. I honestly did not think I would be able to do any. I think I shocked Steve just as much because I really led him to believe that I just suck.

 Next up was sit ups. UGH. I have no core muscles and I just knew I couldn’t do one. Steve held my feet and I crossed my arms over my chest and I did 23! I really wanted 30 again but I just couldn’t pull it off. I was pretty happy with 23 though.

 We did a stretch test that I thought I would do better in. I didn’t do badly. I think I was in the 60 or 66% range of my age range. I thought I was more flexible than that.


 Last up was the plank. Now, I have done this in my yoga class. This is why I wanted to see a trainer. I thought my butt was supposed to be more down but Steve told me to lift it up more. For some reason this seemed easier and I held my plank for just over a minute.

 Right?  This was good. I was actually pretty happy (and surprised) with the results.  Steve did tell me last week that he may disagree with me and think that I am not as bad as I think I am. His point was proven. He spoke about not telling myself negative thoughts and I have to agree with him.

 He was also really diligent about paying attention to some of the issues I told him I was having; lower back pain and elbows. He let me know time and again that if I feel pain- Stop!

 We did a few exercises after the evaluation and he modified when needed and usually it was up, not down.  Who knew?

 I like working one on one with a trainer. I like my classes at the gym but I work better and focus more with undivided attention on me. My mind can wander and often times in classes I find that they have moved on to a new move and I am still doing the old. I need someone to help me keep the focus. 

I am looking forward to working with Steve and seeing how I actually do. I surprised myself pleasantly and this encourages me that I can do this! 

You can too!

Check out Fitness your Weigh at http://fitnessyourweigh.com


Question of the day: What is one thing you have done and surprised your self that you could do?




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One Response to I am better than I thought

  1. Kent says:

    You can actually do 30 push-ups, i am not doubting you it is just that I can barely do 25 and I do them 3 or 4 times a week, that is w/o my badge sticking out of my forehead.. I know why you get distracted during class btw, you need to stop talking to Bobo while class is going on..!! Lol… Inside joke..

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