Happy Veteran’s Day! Thank you to all who have served. We appreciate your service.
I wasn’t one of the lucky ones to have the day off due to the holiday. It was tough to get up and go to work because I really wanted to shop and take advantage of all the sales going on today. Not that I really need anything, but still..
Anyway, here I am.
For breakfast I had 2 hard boiled eggs and some mixed berries a little while later.
At Trader Joes this weekend I bought super lean Pastrami that only had 2.5 grams of fat in it. I had about 2 servings with steamed veggies and a little couscous. The pastrami was really good. It didn’t taste very salty and there was no fat. I just put a little mustard on it and eat. Yum!
I had some pistachios at about 1:45 and they held me over for the afternoon. I didn’t need my apple with Brie.
I was hungry by the time we got home and I didn’t have time for anything to be assembled. Instead of Step class I walked the dog so I could get home earlier to do our health care. More on that later. I had bought some low fat beef jerky at TJ and I had a few pieces to hold me over. It wasn’t bad. not sure I loved it but it was ok. Molly loved it!
I stopped drinking iced tea at night because the caffeine was keeping me up. I gave up soda and I don’t love plain water so I was struggling to find something to drink at night. I was looking at flavored water and I bought Vitamin Water Zero in lemonade flavor. I LOVE this stuff. It has just a hint of lemon flavor and it isn’t sweet at all. It has zero calories and sugar ( hence the Name) and it’s very refreshing. I am not sure about its claim to have vitamins but as long as it isn’t bad for me I don’t care.  This will encourage me to drink water!
Dan and I have to pick our health care this week. We have a choice of United Health or Aetna for a HRA (Health reimbursement account)or HSA (Health Savings account). This is so different than what we have had in the past. We chose the HAS because it allows you to actually save money tax free and you can roll it over next year. You have to use the money for medical expenses but that’s ok. We’re going to have to get used to saving money for health expenses and hope for the best that we don’t get sick.  This whole health care situation scares me. We made our choices tonight and fingers crosses we made the right decision for us.
For dinner we had grilled shrimp with couscous and fried Italian peppers. I had the couscous left over and it was going to go bad if I didn’t use it. There  was a ton left over so I hated to throw it all out. Otherwise, I wouldn’t have eaten it. 
What I also had and didn’t need was cheesecake left over from our dinner party. We had a ton left over so Molly and I shared some. I got the bigger half! I know, I need to get rid of this food or I will eat it.
I am trying to bring in more protein and that is working but I need to keep the crap out of the house and remember to eat in bites. I forgot with the couscous and I ate half a tea cup. 
Question of the day: Did you have Veteran’s Day off? 
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