BFF at Work

Do you have a best friend at work?


This question was asked on a survey that we had to take at work several years ago. We all had a good laugh about having a “BFF” at work and we joked about who was our best friend.

The reasoning behind this question is that we all need someone at work to confide in, trust and be able to talk to.

My “BFF’ at work recently got a new job and left the company. She is a personal friend that I have known for almost 20 years now. Wow! She and I used to have lunch together every day for the past 10 years. She did leave the company for about 9 months many years ago but I worked in a larger department then with many people my age so I didn’t notice her absence as much.

This is Wendy


This time around I am really feeling not having a friend and I understand the question now on the survey. My group is made up of one other co-worker and myself. She is very nice and I like her a lot but she is older than me and it’s hard with just two of us. Instead of going down to the cafeteria for lunch I have been eating at my desk. It makes for a long day and I miss talking and laughing with someone my age. No doubt my co-worker feels the same way!

In all of my jobs that I have had I have either worked with many people of different ages or I had someone to connect with at lunch. I am feeling surprising a little lonely at work without my previous BFF.

Dan and I do work at the same company but we never see each other. Matter of fact, some people still don’t know we are married! He suggested we get out at lunch and walk.

Maybe he’ll become my new BFF at work!


My two best friends.

Read this article on why having a best friend at work is essential to your success.

 Meal Plan

One thing I used to talk to my friend about was food, our weight and what we have been eating. Since she has been gone I have been bringing my lunch instead of buying a salad. I hope I am saving money and calories!

Here was my meal plan today.


2 hard boiled eggs

Mixed berries


American Chop Suey made with Brown Rice Pasta


120 calories bag of pistachios


Steak with mushroom and onions


Question of the day: Do you have a best friend at work?

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