Mammogram results

Happy Hump Day, everyone!




Good news, I got my test results back from my very first Mammogram and there was no malignancy found.


Even though I didn’t think anything was wrong you just never know. Did you all read about the news anchor, Amy Robach, that had her first Mammogram done on live TV and it came back positive? She said she was shocked because she has no family history, she eats right and exercises. She is having a double mastectomy tomorrow.

Read Amy’s story here:

If you haven’t gotten one and you are over 40, please get checked.

ImagePersonal Training

I had my first real training session with Steve tonight. OMG, did he work my muscles. I did 20 minutes of cardio and then almost 45 minutes of strength training. I LOVE the personal attention. He corrected my form many times and there was one move I just wasn’t doing right. It involved my butt not moving with the rest of my body and his explanation just didn’t sink in for me so he had a foam rubber thingy that he used to show me what he meant. I finally got it, but that is the kind of help I need!

When it was appropriate he just moved me into the form I should be in. That’s a lot easier for both of us and I don’t mind. I have been told before I have bad form so just move me if I am not doing it right.

We went through a whole bunch of different exercises. He worked my arms, legs, butt, calves.. You name it. On one move he asked me how many more I could do. I replied that I could do 5 more and did so, struggling. He told me to do 5 more. I managed to squeak out 5 more and he said, “See, you had more in you.”  Ugh!

I really enjoy working out with someone. He again was keenly aware that my back has been bothering me and told me to pay attention if it hurts. There was one move where I was holding a medicine ball and twisting from side to side that tweaked my back a little and he immediately said “done”.

As I am writing this a few hours later I can feel my arms have been worked. They are sore but I never exercise them at all!

We discovered that my left leg is stronger than my right, which is odd, since I am right side dominant.

Best of all, my back feels great right now! He stretched my back by having me put one leg over another and he pulled on it. I could feel it in my back as he did it, especially on my right side. Steve thinks my hips are tight. He could feel the left side was better, but he thinks from sitting all day I stiffen up. I think it’s my posture. I slouch when I type (like now) and since I have been blogging  I am typing more.

Whatever he did tonight I feel really good right now.


Food Today


Apple Pie Crumble( I had to finish it, don’t judge me!)

Half of a Think Thin peanut butter bar (so-so)


American Chop Suey


Half an apple with Brie Cheese

chocolate covered almonds


Chicken with veggies in a coconut milk sauce

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  1. Hi Karen. Thanks for the kinds words re: your PT session! I look forward to guiding you through your fitness journey 🙂 See you soon… Steve

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