My love affair with —– carbs!


Hi Friends,

Sunday again already, I hope you had a great weekend. Mine went by in a blink of any eye.


I wanted to go back to Yoga class on Friday night because my back was feeling so much better and I wanted to stretch it out in Yoga. My sinuses have been killing me for about 4 days and I just didn’t think doing the downward dog or plank would help them feel any better. Sometimes my head just aches between my eyes and exercise can really bother it so I skipped it again this week and walked the dog instead. I do need to get back to it though.


Saturday I got up and walked the dog and then Dan and I went out for lunch. Dayna, my friend at Tiny’s, told me about the Lawrence Flea Market and that is next on my list to visit. Like next weekend! They have knock off North Face Coats for $20.00 and Uggs for $40.00.  I am looking for boots for someone so this is perfect! They also have those purses and scarves and all that fun stuff that Londonderry had. So, Pam and I have an adventure planned for next weekend.

Check out their web-site:


Speaking of Pam, I met her for dinner Saturday night at the Pasta Loft in Milford, Nh. It was her Birthday the day before so I wanted to go out and celebrate. Our big evening out was for each of us to have a pepper and onion pizza and soda! Whoo hoo!  Wild girls, aren’t we?

Check out their menu: Yummy!

But, did you hear what I just said? I ate my own WHOLE pizza. What’s wrong with me? Why didn’t I take half of it home? That’s my problem right there! I am so good all week; I plan out my meals and don’t over eat. When I go out and get something I really love I eat WAAAAY too much. Afterwards I come to my senses and think, “why didn’t I save some?” but I don’t think about it while I am eating and talking. Erica, the Nutritional coach I am working with asked me what I wanted to work on for our next two weeks. I told her weekends and eating out. That sets me so far back and I really need to get a handle on stuffing my face while I am out.

Today, I walked the dog twice for a 5 mile walk and then I made up my menu for the week.

Breakfast for tomorrow is: half an Omelet and a few bites of oatmeal.

Lunch: Salad with shrimp

Snack: Fruit and nuts

Dinner: Meat and veggies of some sort.

See, I saved half of my omelet from breakfast yesterday. Omelets are good but I don’t LOVE them like I do pizza or pasta. I have a hard time not over eating those types of dishes, which just occurred to me are carbs!  I can stop eating proteins, but it’s carbs I can’t say no to easily. That’s interesting.

Huh, are you reading this, Erica? How do I manage this?

I meant to work out with some weights today but the day just got away from me. I want to start adding them more into my workouts.

Question of the Day: What foods do you have a hard time saying no to?

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5 Responses to My love affair with —– carbs!

  1. Kent says:

    Oh Karen it seems you have that eating disorder that I have, continuous hand to mouth syndrome..!! I have the same problem as you, I seem to crave carbs, pizza and pasta to be exact..

  2. ericamacarthur says:

    Hi I’m reading 🙂

    I think everyone can’t stop eating pizza and stuff because it doesn’t set off the same brain chemistry proteins and veggies do. Pro and vegg activate leptin a hunger hormone that shuts off hunger. That’s why they say to eat slow so u give this leptin a chance to signal.

    Who doesn’t love some pizza tho on the weekend as a cheat! Which reminds me I have a gift cert to Aprilles European grille in Chelmsford that has great pizza. 🙂

    • karenmregan says:

      Don’t you love how I speak to you in my blog? LOL. So, I am not unusual for over loading on carbs? I get into this “haze” and then I realize OMG what did I just eat?

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