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Happy Monday!


Food Intolerance

It was a rainy, windy morning and I did not want to get out of bed today and go to work. But I did….

I just got home and saw this Food Intolerance Signs in my inbox. I had food intolerance tested a few years ago and the lady who tested me said many of the same things on this list.


What really resonated with me was that you may not have symptoms for up to 4 days after you eat what you are intolerant of! So we wind up blaming the last food we ate for our discomfort but it may not be a food you have eaten in days that is bothering you.


It can be very difficult to pinpoint the intolerance due to the delayed reaction of the symptoms.


Some of the symptoms can be respitory related. I wheeze a lot and I have wondered recently if it has to do with a food intolerance. I am intolerant of mold like foods (vinegar, olives, wine, beer, cheese) all the thing that I eat daily. I try and temper it but it is really hard to cut it out.

Now I have always been a klutz but maybe I have an excuse now!

The article was really interesting and confirmed what my nutritionist told me about food intolerances.



You know how crazy we are about Molly, right? Check out these pictures. Aren’t they the cutest thing! I love these pictures. This kid and the puppy are BFF’s already!



Food Journal

Breakfast- I had a half an omelet with a few bites of oatmeal.

Lunch – Salad with feta and dill dressing and shrimp

Snack- Pistachios and mixed fruit

Snack –peanut butter square

Dinner – pork chops with corn

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