Glow Spin Class

Hello, hello
Hey, do you guys use Groupon? I never had but I hear Rosemary and Nancy talking about it frequently as we are walking the dogs.
At work they have something similar and I got two $25.00 Coupons to a restaurant that Dan and I have been wanting to try for $4.00 each. We have to spend $37.50 but still, that’s a great deal. I was going to use them over the weekend but we never did.
This lead me to Groupon. I bought another Groupon for a restaurant for Danny and his girlfriend for Christmas and one for us. I think I may be become a Groupon junkie now. There are some great deals and they make great gifts.
Also I found a great dress on Groupon that I hesitated to buy and it was gone the next day! Lesson learned I guess you have to move fast if you want to get a deal. Everyone else does too!
The holidays are coming, people!
Spin Class
Someone in our class had an idea to wear an ugly t-shirt to class tonight. It was a really fun idea but many people had a hard time finding an ugly t-shirt, me included. Trust me I have had ugly t-shirts but I clean out my closet constantly and I have mostly plain t-shirts now.I found one that had some inspirational sayings on it, but I didn’t really consider it ugly. Christy, brought in glow bracelets for everyone. She had all different colors. Some of the men had too thick of wrists so they just put them on their bikes. Lou actually put his on his pedals and they looked really cool as he spun (spinned?)
I am feeling it tonight after Step last night and Spin tonight. Let’s see how I feel tomorrow after my meeting with Steve, the personal trainer. I was sore until Saturday last week.
Food Journal
Breakfast – Oatmeal and half a Think Thin bar
Lunch- Tomato soup and shrimp, Pistachios
Snack- Apple with Brie
Dinner- Haddock and broccolli
Question of the day? Do you use Groupons?
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2 Responses to Glow Spin Class

  1. My pictures of the Glow class didn’t come out great 😦 what kind of brie do u buy ?? I love Brie !!

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