Big Girl Panties

Hi Friends:
I told you last night that I met with Steve again and did some Personal Training. How do I feel today? Well, my arms are a bit sore and I can feel my legs have been worked. I don’t feel it in my abs as much as I did last week. Maybe I am getting stronger already? HA!
My back is bothering me though today and last week after our session I felt great. Steve still thinks its my hips and not my back. Not sure what’s up with that. He showed me some stretches to do so I am going to do some tonight. Maybe it will help stretch out my hips.
Here is something Ironic, I got home from the PT session with Steve and I blogged for awhile and then I decided to read. I am trying to get off the PC earlier and try and wind down. I love to read, I always have, but I am bored with everything lately. Anyway, I had picked up a book titled Big Girl Panties by Stephanie Evanovich and it was about a girl (very heavy girl) that works with a Personal Trainer and I guess she loses a ton of weight and gets in great shape. I am not sure what happens after that as I am only a little way into it, but I could really relate to this girl. Maybe that was a sign for me!
I think the next time I want to whine about working out I am going to think  “put your big girl panties on now”. LOL
For breakfast I had a few bites of oatmeal and a half a Think Thin bar. Have you tried them? They’re full of nuts and chocolate, which I like, but not very filling. I eat them with the oatmeal for protein. I have decided I don’t hate oatmeal but I can’t say that I love it either.
For lunch I had a salad and a bag of pistachios. I brought shrimp again but I am shrimped out! No more shrimp, please!
Snack was mixed fruit that I had to eat up. It was more than I wanted but I didn’t want it to go bad.
For dinner we are having sandwiches. i really want a BLT wrap but I had a lot of fat at lunch and should get the grilled chicken, onion, mushrooms and peppers. I am sure that’s what I’ll get. Boring!
Hey, put on your big girl panties and have the chicken wrap. See, that was fun to say!
Question of the day: What things do you say to yourself to get motivated?
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