Personal Training and New Foods

It’s hump day.
 I have most of next week off so I am eagerly wating for this week to end. I don’t really have any plans and I am looking forward to a few days to myself. The last few vacations I have had my Dad was here, whom I love, but it is nice to have just a  few days of nothing.
You all know I work from home on Wednesdays. Today I decided to try frozen sweet potato Tots with lunch that I had bought at Trader Joes. Now keep in mind I don’t love sweet potatoes so I wasn’t sure how I was going to like these. You cook them for a half an hour, if not longer,  because they are mushier than regular potatoes. I kept them in for the half hour. I am eating them as I type and they are ok. Still a bit mushy and sweet just as you would expect from a sweet potato. I think if I liked sweet potatos better I would like them. I am trying to eat healthier but try different things, hence the sweet potato tots. The bag suggested you put hot sauce on which would off set the sweetness and that might be yummy.
Cooked – not burned although they look it
I also had a frozen French Onion soup I have been dying to try and some shrimp from a shrimp ring for protein. I have eaten a lot of shrimp this week and I am starting to get grossed out now. That happens with me with any kind of protein. I like it at first but if I have it too much I get grossed out. That’s why I love carbs so much!
This is the soup frozen. That’s cheese on top
Cooked Soup
The Onion soup wasn’t bad for a frozen soup. It says to leave it frozen until you cook it and then in all melts down and it has the bread in it and the melty cheese on top. It was salty and savory like an Onion Soup should be. Was it restaurant worthy, no, but hey, I bought it at Hannafords and it was their brand. Not bad for a frozen product. It was a different meal and I would buy it again.
I worked out with Steve tonight at Fitness Your Weigh. So many people asked me what he had me do that I took home his notes on the exercises he had me do. So I did the following:
Lat Pulls
Crunches on an exercise ball
Wall Squats with curl and press
Bench presses
Leg raises
Hamstring Curls
Leg Bridge
Inner thigh squeeze/triceps
Oh, my gosh, right? Me who never does strength training. The Lat Pulls we tough for me. Steve started me off with 8 pound weights and I guess I was doing them fairly easily (according to Steve). He bumped the weight up to 12 pounds, which I thought was hard but I squeezed out 20 of them, barely. He then thought I could do 15 pound weights because Steve said if you can do more than 15 reps the weight is too light. Well, I could only do like 6 with the 15 pound weight and then he had to grab them. I managed only to smash myself in the face once with the weight but he wasn’t looking 🙂 I did the Lat pulls with a bar and the weights.
I forgot my camera but next week I’ll have Steve take pictures of me doing the exercises, but for now, here is what a Lat Pull is:
You all know  hate to exercise right? I do it because I have to but I DO NOT enjoy it. This picture cracked me up because this is the perfect feeling I have about it!
Steve was great though. He had patience when I made a face or bitched about being tired or I can’t do it. He has learned to ignore my protests, which is good for me! I need that.
So, I did sign up with him for 3 months to privately train. I asked him if once a week was enough to produce results and he said doing it another time or two during the week at home or the gym would be great. He is going to give me a regiment to do at home and he will ask me about it when we meet on Wednesdays.
How cool is that?
Questions of the Day:  Do you like to exercise?
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2 Responses to Personal Training and New Foods

  1. Kent says:

    Great job on the weight training, keep it up it does grow on you, somewhat..!! Remember we lose 8% of our muscle mass every 10 years or how that commercial goes.. Lastly I can’t believe Dan let you bring frozen food in the house, did you disguise it or something.. Lol..!!

  2. karenmregan says:

    Oh, Dan won’t eat the frozen tater tots. I’ll eat them at lunch time. The workout was tough but it’s a good tough. As he said, I am better than I think I am.

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