I lost weight and Lawrence Flea Market review

Holy Moley is it cold out today! I know I like the cold but this wind is brutal. There are so many tree limbs down, it’s crazy!


First things first, I lost 2/3 pounds since I have been working with Steve (trainer) and Erica (Nutritional Coach). I weighed myself Friday night and the scale said 140. Steve weighed me 2 weeks ago and I was 142.5. So, something is working! I have been exercising more and trying to balance my eating better, I know I could improve on my eating habits but I am trying not blow the whole day if I over eat at one meal.


Pam and I checked out the Lawrence Flea Market yesterday. OMG, what an experience. First of all, to get there my MapQuest routed out a map but when we got to Lawrence there were no street signs! I had no idea where to turn because the streets seem to be a big secret! Pam pulled out her Iphone and the kind lady got us there no problem.

The parking lot was mobbed but a man leaving pointed to his spot and waved me in. Thanks so much, sir! As we were walking in tons of people were coming out with bags and bags of stuff. A family of women eating fried dough in the parking lot said they had gotten their car towed. I guess as many as 10 cars got towed that morning. So, park legally or you will get towed.


We walked in the front door and it was jammed with people and we didn’t really know which way to go. It was bumper to bumper people and warm in the building. So, picked a way and headed off. I was looking for North Face jackets for Danny. They all seemed to be more of a lighter jacket than a heavy winter coat. I wasn’t sure they would be warm enough for a day like today. They had the shiny bubble coats but they were paper thin and looked like they would rip at nothing. The coats were priced from $20.00 – $80.00 depending on the style.




We asked a man who owned a booth if we could take a picture and he emphatically said “no, no pictures”.  I did manage to sneak a few.


I was also looking for Ugg boots for my aunt. They were everywhere but I talked myself out of them because someone told me they are cheap and fall apart quickly. I was also not sure of Maggie’s size and you can’t return them. The Ugg knock offs were $40.00-$45.00 in price. People were snapping up the North face coats and Uggs.


I also wanted to check out the purses to see if I wanted to buy Maggie another one instead of the red one (remember she told me she hates red) but I thought the ones here were not as nice as the ones in Londonderry, NH Flea Market. I really didn’t see any that I liked.


Pam stopped to look at some movies and I wasn’t going to but I thought it might be a good gift for Danny. They were selling 4 for $10.00. I got him: Bad Grandpa, Grownups III,  Enders game and Hangover III.


I was kind of disappointed with the Lawrence Flea Market. They had a lot of stuff I just didn’t need any of it. They also had hats and fingerless gloves but mostly it was the coats and boots.

I hate to shop shoulder to shoulder with people so I was annoyed as soon as I walked in. Maybe if I go again and know what to expect I’ll like it better. Londonderry is outside so I don’t feel as crowded and they had clothes and Lawrence really didn’t. Pam went looking for leggings that we had seen in Londonderry and they didn’t have them. She was also looking for something else and I can’t remember what but they didn’t have them either. She liked the place and wants to go back.


I would go again, but I wasn’t as impressed as I was with Londonderry, NH’s Flea Market.


Pam and I then went to the Ninety Nine for lunch and we split boneless Buffalo wings and I got a small Caesar salad. When the salad came it was huge! The waitress said the large was enormous! I kind of over ate even though I was trying not to but I didn’t have dinner because lunch was at 3:30.


Tomorrow, I will tell you all about this Foam Roller I bought and if it worked.


Stay warm and have a nice Sunday night!


Question of the day: Have you been to the Lawrence Flea Market? What did you think?

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2 Responses to I lost weight and Lawrence Flea Market review

  1. Kent says:

    Congrats on the 2 1/2 pound loss.. Just think 9 more weeks and it will be 25 lbs..!!

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