What I am Thankful for

Happy Thanksgiving Eve, Everyone!


With Thanksgiving being all about what we are thankful for I wanted to get a jump start thinking about all that I have to be grateful for. Life can be a challenge at times and it’s easy to focus on the negative and forget all the good we have in our lives.

Here is my list of some of the things I am most grateful for.

  1. Dan – As hard as marriage can be at times he is the glue to our family. He has a heart of gold and always tries to do the right thing. I fell in love with him for his morals and values and 15 years later they have only gotten stronger
  2. Molly – Molly was truly heaven sent for us. She was just what we needed when we were facing difficult times. She has allowed us to love her unconditionally and loves us back just the same. You know that saying you see on bumper stickers “Who rescued who”
  3. Friends – As I age I have learned to cherish my friendships more. You can have all the cars, money, houses, stuff… but it’s your friends and family that truly matter in the end.
  4. Family – I lost my Mom 3.5 years ago and I cherish the time I have with my Dad. We are closer than ever before and speak more honestly and openly than we ever have. Dan and I have a small family so I try and cherish time with them.
  5. Steve- (personal Trainer) I just started working with him and don’t really know him all that well but the time I spend with him I feel better about myself and my health. I already feel stronger and don’t think I suck as much as I used to 🙂
  6. Erica- (Nutrition Coach) She was kind enough to want to work with me and help me with my food challenges. I love getting an e-mail asking how I am doing and cheering me on when I have a success. Did I tell you all I lost 3 pounds?
  7. Job- Although I don’t love what I do I love the flexibility it gives me. That has been invaluable to me this past year. I am also grateful for the paycheck.
  8. Gym friends – You know what gets me to the gym? Not exercise, but the people I have met there. I LOVE my Spin class on Tuesdays.  We are a pretty close knit group and support each other when tradegy happen and cheer each other on in the good times.
  9. Health – Dan and I are in relatively good health and I appreciate that so much. I hear stories of people who have real, serious struggles and I am thankful every day that we can do the things we want to do (mostly)
  10.  Blog – (Fabinyour40s.com) I am thankful for the Blog because it was so therapeutic when I needed it. I love sharing my experiences in hopes it will help someone else. I also love to meet new people and hear the cool things they have to offer.

I also found a great list of do’s and don’t to give your dog from the table on Thanksgiving. I know many of you are thankful for your dog so please look at the list and be aware of what you give them.


Happy Thanksgiving, Everyone!

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4 Responses to What I am Thankful for

  1. Kent says:

    Love number 8.. Lol..!!

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  3. karenmregan says:

    Love your list of things to be thankful for. Thank you for sharing.

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