Pre Thanksgiving workout

Happy Friday. I hope everyone had a nice Thanksgiving yesterday!
The night before Thanksgiving I met with Steve and we went through some moves that I can do on the new foam roller I bought. He showed me different moves for different muscles. His foam roller is longer than mine but for some reason mine seems to hurt more. I used it Thanksgiving morning for quite a while working mostly on my hips and it really helped.
Steve also went through some exercises that I had in The Abs Diet book. He went through each one with me and had me do it so he could see my form or to modify the move that was shown in the book. He thought most were “safe” moves but he did have me change up a few.
Many of you have asked for pictures so I had him take a few. I was happy there was no one else there!
I think I am holding my breath in the top picture! LOL
As I was doing some exercises on my back Steve happened to mention that I have a  pronounced curved back. Not that it’s bad but my lower back tends to have a real curve in it. So, why does that matter? He noticed that when I do an exercies that has me lift my feet off the floor the lower my legs are to the floor the more my back does not touch the mat and it’s painful.  My back doesn’t stay flat to the mat. He could put his hand between the mat and my back.I have noticed that before but never realized I had a curve that makes it difficult for me to lower my legs while keeping a flat back.  So, when doing these types of exercises until I can strengthen my core to help keep my back flat I need to keep my legs higher.
Do you see in this picture there is space between my back and the floor? That’s not a good move for my back.
This is better for my back with my legs at this height.
Working with Steve has been very educational. I am learning a lot about my body and how it works, It’s not good or bad, it’s just me, and I need to work it best for my body. I told Steve that I heard you should lower your legs close to the floor in these types of moves. He said, “Well, yes, if you can without it hurting you. Sometimes you can’t do it”.
That’s why I hired a trainer!  What the heck do I know?
I did a really good job of not over eating yesterday. I usually eat  a ton of appetizers and then a huge meal and pie. I made sure to not eat the apps so I could enjoy a plate of what I wanted. I had some apple pie crumble and a small piece of pecan pie but again, not a lot of it. I enjoyed the meal and didn’t fell horrible afterwards.
I hope you all have a nice weekend, Let the Christmas shopping begin!
Question of the day: Did you go Black Friday shopping?
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