Bosu balls and me


Hi Everyone:

Today was my one on one with Steve for my personal training session. I was feeling a little uneasy about this workout because although I am over the stomach bug my stomach is still a little out of whack. So, I wasn’t sure how this session was going to go.


I arrived and did a little warm up and warned him that I had been sick. I didn’t get to do any of the exercises that he went over with me last week to do on my own. He told me to let him know as we went along how I was feeling and I promised him I would not throw up on him.


He started me off with lateral pulls and I think had me lift 45 lbs. I did about 12 of these and then he had me move on to lifting 15 pound weights. Last week I could only lift 6 of the 15 pounds but this week I lifted 20. Hey, I am making progress!


Next thing I was on the floor on a bosu ball with a small ball between my knees and I had to do small moved crunches. I had to squeeze the ball between my knees (which I kept forgetting to do until Steve would remind me). I also have a habit that my hips don’t stay on the ball. What is it with my hips? He kept telling me to “pin” my hips to the ball and I thought I was, really I did!  I did what felt like a hundred of these but at this point I was working up a good sweat and had a hard time carrying on a conversation. Probably his tactic so I wouldn’t do my normal complaining 🙂


Steve corrected my form in several moves. When I was lying on the bench I was listing to one side. I wasn’t about to fall off or anything but he moved me straight on the bench. When on the Bosu ball he asked me if my feet were straight and I said “I can’t tell”. Apparently they were all out of whack and he straightened out my feet. Clearly straight lines are not my forte. Hey, again it is one reason I hired him.


I have to say, he never makes me feel self conscious or mocks me about anything he has to correct. Steve is not intimidating or disrespectful, ever. In fact, he is just the opposite with much positive reinforcement and we laugh a lot. I say this with much affection; he is kind of a goof, as am I, so we have fun throughout the workouts. For me, this is super important because as I have said a million times I hate to workout and if I am going to hate it I am not going to want to do it.


Back to the workout.


I did another exercise standing on the Bosu ball and doing squats and then lifting up my arms. This took me a minute to perfect because I don’t balance very well. He had me do this near a wall so I could grab if needed (and I did) but after a few of these I started to get better at my balance (if I looked straight ahead and not at him).


He had me back on the Bosu ball with the ball between my legs but this time with a 22 pound bag on my belly doing crunches. Ugh, did I tell you I had the stomach flu this week?


I did squats with 8 lb weights and did curls and then he had me gripping this Bosu ball with my knees while doing triceps curls with the 8 lb weight. I did a few repeat exercises and we were done.


I am starting to have a love/hate relationship with this Bosu ball.


I felt good at the end of the workout. I sweated and I actually felt better than when I started. My stomach was a bit blah at the start but it got better and better as the workout went along.


My favorite part is always when I am a puddle on the mat and he stretches out my hips. People have asked me if I find this weird and the answer is no. Steve is a true professional and I am completely comfortable with everything we do.


I may actually find myself wanting to meet with him to workout. Ya think? Me?

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