My girl, Molly -Happy Birthday

Yesterday was my girl’s 4th Birthday. Happy Birthday, Molly!
It’s so hard to believe we have had her for 4 years. It seems like yesterday we went to the shelter and brought her home.
Dan and I love animals. We have had our share of different types of pets over the years including: bald rats, rabbits and even a pig for a short time. We have loved them all, but after the pig Dan insisted on a “normal” pet so we started looking at dogs.
We have always wanted a dog but we aren’t home for 12 hours a day and didn’t feel it was fair to an animal to be left alone all day. Danny came to live with us 4 years ago and we thought it was the right time for a dog now.
Dan, Danny and I headed out to Sterling Animal Shelter one Saturday afternoon.We had heard many good things about Sterling so we knew where we wanted to get a dog. Sterling gets many of their puppies from high kill shelters down South and we wanted to rescue a puppy.
Before we left we discussed that we wanted to get an older dog; maybe a year old.  The day we went they didn’t have too many dogs at the shelter. We had gone late in the day, almost an hour before they closed, and many dogs were gone.
Danny and I stuck by the “rule” and looked at the older dogs while Dan headed for the puppies! Danny and I met him at a cage with 2 puppies sleeping totally entwined together. We woke them up and we were playing wih one of the puppies. It was full of energy and playful. We knew we wanted a girl dog and she fit the bill.  Her sibling, was still sleeping soundly and flopping over in a  deep slumber. Another family ambled over and also looked at the puppy we were looking at. They expressed an interest in the same one and the volunteer at Sterling told them we were there first so we had first pick. I was troubled about leaving one puppy by itself and since Dan didn’t want 2 we told the couple they could have the puppy we had looked at and we would take the other,that way both get adopted on the same day.
She was a big puppy! Her stomach was shaved from getting fixed.
The volunteer told us the puppy we had was a boy. I was disappointed because I really wanted a girl. Even though the dog was tagged as a boy the woman was sure it was a girl. After doing a quick peek, to our happiness, we discovered the dog was tagged wrong and she was a girl!
I am horrible at naming pets ( one of my rabbit’s name was bunny – original) but when we got in the car Danny asked us how we felt about the name Molly. Dan and I both loved it and still do. She is a Molly through and through. We have a million nick names for her. Molls, Molly-girl, honey girl, poops, pee pee girl….
She actually figured out potty training fairly quickly but she could be anxious. We brought her to the dog park to get socialized and she was terrified! Dan had to carry her in and then she would turn and run back to the car. If another dog came along the path she would hide in the bushes until they passed by. If she couldn’t, she would roll on her back with all 4 feet up and be totally be submissive.
It took a lot of time and patience, mostly on Dan’s part, but she got through it and now she has friends and loves the park. For certain dogs she will still roll over for them, but for the most part she stands her ground.
Molly and her best friend at the park
Molly has enhanced our lives in so many ways. We have made friends through her. We meet 4 other people in the park every day and we all walk our dogs together. We share stories as we walk and the dogs play.
Having Molly also forces us to get exercise. The big loop around is 2.5 miles long. We do this once a day during the week and twice on the weekends.
Before Molly I would lounge in the house until noon. Now, we are up and out of the house by 9:15 on the weekends.I may not look pretty, but I am up and dressed.
Molly has been a true gift to us. As the saying goes, “Who rescued who”
Happy Birthday, Molls!
Question of the day: How did you name your pet?
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4 Responses to My girl, Molly -Happy Birthday

  1. Pam says:

    Happy Birthday, Molly! I have named all my pets people names… I guess ones I would have liked to have be called (Victoria and Penelope) or old fashioned ones I saw on beautiful, old headstones in my hometown of Concord, MA (Augustus). If I got a pet who already had a name (Peter and Gabby) I would keep it. (we changed our shelter kitty, Black Beauty’s name to B.B. tho… I just couldn’t call her that and not think of the horse) What would the world be like if friends renamed you every time you met someone new! lol

  2. karenmregan says:

    I always wanted to be named Pam! You give your animals cute names. I can never think of anything good. Bunny – Good Lord!!! It might be fun to have a different identity sometimes if you could rename yourself sometimes. LOL

  3. Kent says:

    That was a real good story Karen..!!!

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