So out of my comfort zone and how I react


 Wow, this week is flying by! Wednesday already and you know what that means.

 I had my training session with Steve tonight and it was a good one. We didn’t take any pictures because he wanted to keep me moving from each exercise at a good pace. Taking pictures does slow the process down a bit.


I had noticed that I tended to be a little negative when working with him. If he gave me a challenging move I might say something like “I can’t lift that or you want me to lift that much”.  I guess I was doing it because I didn’t want him to have any false expectations. I felt that I was weak and not very good at exercising. I think voicing my self doubts to him was my way of not disappointing him if I couldn’t do it. For some weird reason I don’t want to let him down. I don’t know why really. I am just so out of my comfort zone doing these strength exercises that I feel self conscious.


Anyway, I made a promise to myself that I would not complain tonight when he told me what he wanted me to do. I caught myself a few times but I really made an effort to just do what he said and do the best that I could.


Clearly not me, but maybe some day?

He started me off bench pressing 44 pounds. I did a bunch of these and he did have to assist at the end but that was ok.  Instead of saying I couldn’t do it I just kept trying and he noticed when my form started to crumble and took the weight back.


He had me move on to wall squats with a stability ball and 12 lb dumbbells. We rotated between these 2 exercises a few times and then we moved on


I did some crunches and bridges on the stability ball and these I could do with no problem. Not to say they weren’t challenging, but I didn’t feel as incompetent doing these.


Steve also had me sit on a bench and do leg arches to the ground. With my arched back I didn’t go down very far but the move was still effective.


After all that work, he had me doing tricep work that I can feel now. There is a rope with knobs at the end that you pull down with pinned elbows. My elbows do not like to be pinned down so he had to remind me several times about that.


At the end of the workout I do feel like I am getting better at doing these types of exercise. I think I put a lot of pressure on myself that I should be better at them. I have been to other gyms and have been told my form is horrible, I have been called out in group classes and even once, many years ago,  had a teacher ask me if I was dyslexic.


I found just focusing my efforts and doing the best that I can is more helpful than knocking myself down right from the beginning. I do not have to be perfect, I just need to give it my all and my best.


Steve is nothing but positive and encouraging. I need to let all the previous feedback go and listen to Steve. He believes that I can do it even if I don’t.

 And there is nothing more Steve likes than to be right! 


Question of the day: What takes you out of your comfort zone? 

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5 Responses to So out of my comfort zone and how I react

  1. Kent says:

    Aweseome job Karen.. keep up the good work on the weight bearing training..!!

  2. karenmregan says:

    Thanks, Kent. You help me stay in form in Spin class.

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  4. Kent says:

    Darn.. Where is the Like button on your blog..!!

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