The day the dogs came

Happy Friday, folks! Looks like the North may get some snow this weekend. I hope you are finished with your shopping so you can cozy up in your house with some wine and the fireplace and enjoy the snow.
This time of the year Dan and I have received many requests from various charities. We have donated to a few of them but one that really is near and dear to my heart is K9 Comfort Dogs of the Lutheran Church Charities. I know many of you are dog lovers ( My B-day post on Molly got the most hits ever) and I wanted to share a wonderful charity that you may be interested in.
I heard of these comfort dogs last year after the horrific Newtown, Ct shootings. Like everyone else I was horrified at the unimaginable pain and suffering the whole town of Newtown was experiencing. This story shook me and my faith in goodness in the world.
Then I read that Comfort Dogs from LCC (Lutheran Church Charities) would be arriving in Newtown in days to bring comfort to the people there. I had never head of them so I googled them to see if they were a legit organization. Not only are they legitimate they have helped bring comfort in several disasters.
You know I love animals. especially dogs, so this act of bringing dogs to comfort those in need touched my heart. I looked at pictures of the dogs with children and adults and you can almost see the healing happening right in front of you. The dogs are not only beautiful on the outside but they have beautiful, gentle souls that only want to help heal.
 I donated money to the dogs right then and there. It wasn’t a lot of money but I so wanted to help support these gorgeous creatures that brings comfort to often shattered people.
I have always wanted to have a therapy dog myself. When we got Molly I had intended for her to become a therapy dog but she is just too anxious to be one. Although I love my girl and wouldn’t trade her for the world I am a bit disappointed we can’t help people in need.
Then April 15th happened in Boston.
Who would have thought just a few months after the tragedy in Newtown our own home would be needing these very same dogs?
The bombing at the Boston Marathon was just as unbelievable as Newtown. Innocent men, women and children were maimed, killed and scarred for life. It was supposed to be a happy day with family and friends and instead it was filled with unimaginable horror.
The 5 dogs,Maggie, Addie, Luther, Ruthie, and Isaiah arrived in Boston within 2 days of the bombings. 3 dogs flew in from Chicago and 2 other dogs that were working in Ct met up with the others to visit the victims of the Boston marathon bombing. Many of the survivors had to have legs amputated and the dogs are trained to bring emotional support.
There are about a dozen dogs in the K-9 Parish, which is based at a Lutheran church in Chicago. This isn’t the only comfort dog group in the country, but it is the most popular group, and the only one that travels extensively around the country.
The LCC dogs have also provided comfort and support to:
  • Superstorm Sandy – , Queens, New York
  • Fertilizer Plant Explosion – West,Texas
  • Yarnell Hill Wildfire- Prescott, Arizona
  • Oklahoma Tornadoes- Moore, Oklahoma

Soon they will be heading to Colorado to visit the victims of the school shooting that happened today.

If you have an interest in donating to the dogs if you donate by 12/31 your gift will be matched equally by a friend of the ministry up to $10,000.
Please note: I am not encouraging or advising anyone to donate to any charity. My blog is simply to share information that I care about and you may as well. Many of you are dog lovers and may be looking for a way to help that you weren’t aware of. I do not have a stake in this organization in any way. I am simply sharing information that you may or may not be interested in. The choice is entirely up to you.
Question of the day: have you ever seen a therapy/ comfort dog in person?
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3 Responses to The day the dogs came

  1. Kent says:

    Excellency story Karen.. I have never heard of comfort dogs..!!

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