New England Storm


Hello, hello:


Well, we got about a foot of snow last night! It was good because it started later on Saturday and ended Sunday morning. Dan took about an hour and cleaned up the driveway and then we were off for the day.


Here are some pictures of the snow and the fireplace we sat by last night.


This baby was cranking



Beautiful woodpecker at the feeder this morning



Molly is not sure what happened to the back yard


I made my beef stew again today. I guess I wasn’t the only one to have this idea because when I food shopped on Friday night there was only one package of beef stew meat left! I couldn’t find the recipe I had and I looked everywhere for it. I decided i was going to have to find it on the internet again when I remembered it was on  a previous blog. I pulled up the Blog page and voila, there it was! How funny is that?


I Christmas shopped most of the weekend but I did get in 2 walks in the dog park on Saturday. It was slick in there and you had to be careful but we made it around. It was a cold day but I prefer the cold to the heat and bugs any day. Sorry!


On Sunday I decided not to go to the park and do my at home exercises Steve had given me. I made it a 20 rep workout to challenge myself. By the end of it I was breathless and sweating a bit. I can feel it in my arms now that I worked them. I really tried to focus on my form tonight: keeping my core engaged knees soft and arms pinned. I took my time doing them tonight and I was fatigued by the end of each move.

I have not been very diligent about my eating lately. After the holidays I have to go back to watching what I eat. Saturday night Dan & I ventured out in the snow and I had fish & chips at a local restaurant. They were so good! I never eat stuff like this and I need to stop doing so.


I somehow missed the fact that not only does Steve do personal training but he does nutritional coaching as well. He mentioned it last week and for some reason I didn’t realize he did. Anyway, I may have to talk to him about that soon if I can’t keep it under control.


I hope you all have a nice weekend and stayed safe in the storm.


Winter has arrived!



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4 Responses to New England Storm

  1. Kent says:

    Come on Karen, go back to watching what you eat before the holidays.. That means you don’t have to work so hard after New Years..!!!

  2. karenmregan says:

    Kent : There is a like button on the Blog. Under the “share this” Twitter, Fb, More…. Right under that.

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