The party’s off :(

Well, Boston is getting hit with another snow storm. We were supposed to have our Christmas party tonight at work but I am not sure who is going to go. I worked from home today and I am not travelling in this weather. The temperatures are frigid at 16 degrees and the roads may freeze.
Here is how Molly spent her day. We went to let her out this morning and she hit the porch and turned around and came back in. I don’t think she has peed all day!
I think tonight’s classes at the gym may be cancelled as well. Not sure how many people will show even though it was a full class.
Not me, I am going to do some at home leg exercises that I sometimes do. I did my arms and core on Sunday so I’ll work on my legs tonight.
I see Steve again tomorrow so I don’t want to do too much with my arms and core tonight.
Here are some exercises that I do at home for legs and butt.
It was a theme of 20. I did 20 of each exercise X 3. I was going to do them 5 times but I could feel it in my butt and I didn’t want to over do it before meeting with Steve tomorrow.
20 Squats holding 8 lb dumbbells
 20 leg lifts on each leg
20 leg pulses on each leg- very small move
20 kickbacks on each leg
20 cross leg lift for the inner thigh on each leg
20 hip bridges
With all the snow we are getting I also want to do some snow shoeing this year. We have had snowshoes for years and I have used them once! They are great way to get exercise and to get out in the fresh air. Hopefully, the snow will stick around and I can convince some friends to go with me.
There are a ton of places to go snow shoeing near me as we live in the woods. We also have a great place in Southern Nh called Windblown that has beautiful groomed trails. Dan and I used to cross country ski there quite a bit but we haven’t been in years. I really want to go again and try my shoes!
Question of the day: Have you ever snow shoed?
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