Bah Humbug!

Hi Everyone!


One week until Christmas! Are you ready?


Speaking of “ready” I was supposed to meet with Steve tonight and do my training with him. I got a message that his stomach was feeling wonky so we had to cancel. A bit of a bummer, but what can you do, people get sick.


I haven’t been out of the house in 2 days due to the snow and haven’t gotten out of my bathrobe so I was looking forward to seeing him as an excuse to get dressed and get out if nothing else!



I decided I was going to use the time I would have spent with him wrapping gifts. My butt cheeks are sore from that workout I did last night so I decided to skip tonight and use the time to get ready for Christmas.



Since I wrap gifts like a 3 year old would, I use those Christmas bags A LOT. Those were the best invention ever.  Check out my wrapping below. Look at all the extra paper I used. Looks like I wrapped the gift in a patterned diaper, for heaven’s sake.





See how much better the bags look?




This is how far Dan and I have gotten on a tree.




Whomp Whomp…..


But see how much we decorated today? Big whoop, huh?




When I was a kid we put the tree (artificial) up 2 weeks before Christmas. My Mom decorated the house with her beautiful carolers and the house looked so pretty.  Our house would look so nice decorated for the 1700’s (It is a rebuilt 1770 house) but I just have no decorating skills. I would prefer to have the tree up earlier to get me in the Christmas mood, but Dan prefers to wait until almost Christmas and then have the tree fresh throughout the New Year.


Marriage is all about compromise isn’t it? So, we put the stupid tree up 2 days before Christmas and decorate it Christmas Eve, like last year. Whatever!!


Hey, I just had an idea. My Dad used to be the best gift wrapper of anyone I know. So precise and tight, maybe I’ll have him wrap my gifts for me next week so I won’t have to. I’ll put his in bags and he can wrap the rest.


What do you think?


Question of the day: Do you wrap or use Christmas bags?



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5 Responses to Bah Humbug!

  1. Kent says:

    I agree, I hate wrapping also and that those bags are the best thing since sliced bread..!!

  2. ericamacarthur says:

    I used to throw everything in the bags with some tissue paper, but this year I wrapped presents! haha. I am the worst at wrapping. 🙂

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