A holiday survey

Since I am getting more into the Christmas spirit (we now own a tree) I wanted to continue with the Christmas theme.
I thought it would be fun to do a Christmas survey. Love to hear your answers too! 
A holiday survey:
1. Do you open gifts on Christmas Eve or day?
    We always open one gift each on Christmas Eve and then the rest on Christmas day.
2. Colored lights or white lights on your tree?
    I think we had colored as a kid but now Dan and I use white lights and red bows
3. Gift wrapping paper or Christmas bags?
    I wrap like a 3 year old but I do think some thing need to be in a box wrapped. I use both, but mostly bags.
4. Real tree or artifical?
    Real tree now, artificial as a kid.
5. White Christmas or not?
    Yes! I live in New England and we should have a white Christmas. When I was 19 my family went to Florida and it was so odd that it was 80 degrees and we had on shorts.
6. Elf on the shelf or not?
    No! Those little things are creepy! I am glad we did not have them as a kid. I think it would truly terrorize me.
ugh, creepy ass, elf!
7. Favorite holiday tradition.
    My dad would always buy me and my brother a gift from just him to us. He would give hints all month as to what it was and I would try and guess. One year, I was hoping for a car but it turned out to be a bible!
8. Favorite Christmas song?
    Little Drummer Boy by David Bowie and Bing Crosby.
Talk about creepy!
9.  Eggnog or Hot Chocolate
    Neither, although I have never had egg nog. it looks so thick and slimy to me. UGH!
10. Favorite Christmas movie?
    Christmas Vacation no question. It’s a classic.
Love to hear what you guys do for your holidays?
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4 Responses to A holiday survey

  1. Kent says:

    Xmas day, no tree anymore, we put either a Santa or snowman on an end table as a symbol then put the gifts around it, both bags and wrap, white Xmas, no elf, but we did buy the boys one when we were there last, no real tradition to be honest, All I want for Xmas is you by Vince Vance, I am having egg nog tonite, movie White Xmas with Bing Crosby..

  2. karenmregan says:

    Wow, you answered them all! Funny how traditions change as we age, huh?

  3. Love the real tree, and love colored lights on the tree and white lights outside on the house. My hub is turning me into a christmas light snob!

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